Living Large With Fewer Small Appliances

Oh How Large The Small Appliances Have Gotten!


Years ago, a small appliance was a hand mixer, or a toaster.  Today, small appliances are getting larger and creating storage wars within our kitchens.  Now that we are living in our dream location, in a building we longed for, its time to make some decisions on what “small appliances” will help us in our quest of living large in a smaller abode.

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Knowing When To Let Go Of A Small Appliance


We have used this Ninja slow cooker for about 5 years.  And when I say used, I mean at least 3-4 times a month.  It has been wonderful for making large amounts of really good foods.  It has been a guest at nearly every “party” we had in our larger homes. However, this puppy is worn out, the coating is off in places, and it’s a monster to store.

If you need 6-8 servings at a time (10 if we all eat the recommended portion sizes!) I do still recommend this multiple use small appliance.  It’s a workhorse and made the “storage” cut in our kitchen for many years.  I must say it is looking pretty good with a facelift but it no longer meets our current lifestyle.  We have not used ours since moving into a smaller place in May.


Dual Purpose Small Appliances




The Stand By-Insta Pot



Comes In Red Now Too For Serious Holiday Decor

Some of the food bloggers I enjoy reading use Intsta Pots nearly every day.  I enjoy the recipes and find I can convert them quickly to my old stand by dutch oven.  Due to limited space, I am not ready to take on another large, small appliance.  However, of late, these bloggers have been tossing around the “air fryer” concept.  I guess Insta Pot has too and is now making a dual purpose machine.  I do like the idea of storing one item that does many things.



The Old School Small Appliance

Thus we have decided to take the slow cooker to Goodwill.  Someone will buy a new insert for it and have a super slow cooker that bakes and sears too.  We will be using our old gem, a Staub Dutch Oven.  It sears, it stews, it boils, it bakes and it cleans up like a dream.  These are pricey and we are so thankful this was given to us by our dear friends who really “get us”.

We can feed 4-6 at a time out of this baby.  She can go from the refrigerator to the stove top or oven as many nights as she is still full.  If I lost it, I’d replace it immediately.  She suits us perfectly and helps us in our quest to living larger with fewer small appliances!



Staub Cocotte-7 qt

Happy Holidays Coming Up!


Join Us!

As We Start Dreaming Of A White Christmas…

And a blue one, a red one, green, gold, silver and whatever other decor we find that inspires us!  Let’s enjoy the whole month of December in our lovely homes with the ones we love.





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  1. How funny you are talking about this. We just had this conversation this week. We gave away our dehydrator when we downsized 4 years ago because I said I could use the oven if need be. AND we didn’t use it much at all .Do we miss it? No. I think we need about half of what we have…ha ha. But there’s no way I could get Rob to give away the Pizzelle maker…even though we only use it once a year.

  2. You are spot on with this post. We have small appliances we haven’t used in years. We have been getting rid of a lot of stuff that we don’t use anymore and our kitchen is our next project.

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