Sometime Christmas Is A Feeling We Can Touch And Smell



Join us as we enjoy this holiday season and all it’s wonderful elements…today let’s get back to nature a bit with our holiday decor.


This December, as we enjoy the blessed holiday season with the ones who mean the most to us, we’d like to simply share some of our favorite things with impressions from our photo archives.


Photo credits are on each photo as available.  To all other photographers, we have saved your photo from various social media and publications.  We welcome credit information and thank you for making these amazing photos available for others to share.

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A Past Holiday Post

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4 thoughts on “Sometime Christmas Is A Feeling We Can Touch And Smell”

  1. Now you really got me thinking with all the oranges we have in our backyard!!!!!

  2. Ditto on the oranges. Stick a few whole cloves in the orange peel scraps–or even a design or two–put in some simmering water, and you have a nice smelling house. The bread and the goblet just about did me in with the wholesome symbolism of the season! xxx and Merry Christmas!

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