Let’s Make This Year All About Appreciating Our Homes

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Every New Year brings a list of hopeful goals, for ourselves, and even our homes.  In years past, some resolutions are met, while others go by the wayside.  This year, however, feels different!

Over the last few days I’ve noticed people being kinder, and more gentle to themselves.  Perhaps others are feeling like we are.  Our life is good.  We are content, with fewer grand expectations, and simply looking for ways to enjoy each day a little bit more.  Especially where, and how, we live.  Let’s make this year all about appreciating our homes!

2020…. The Year of Making Our Homes Work The Very Best For Us!


Our New Year Resolution

For 2020, we are going to strive for posts to be geared towards looking at our homes with appreciation.  (Let’s start by remembering this past post.)  We will talk about the universal elements of every home.  How to capitalize on the assets and address the problems.  How to make our homes be….

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  1. I’m with you. This year I’m concentrating more on the house and making it fun!!

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