Organization…Boy Do We Need It!

Getting “Skinny” At Home

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Admit it, open shelving for our storage needs is tempting.  There is a certain charm to having everything we need at arms reach, within view and a bit messy!  It’s January.  Every other blog is talking about healthy eating and getting skinny, so let’s keep our resolution and let our homes help us with Organization…Boy Do We Need It!


January 2020

#1- Appreciating Our Homes

“Identify what is working, accept it and enjoy!”

Before we take off chatting about how much stuff we have and how to corral the things that make us feel  like our homes are busting at the seams, let’s give these amazing structures we live in some credit.

The average home contains over 300,000 items.  Overall, our homes are doing a pretty good job keeping these things contained and out of harms way.  Look around and list the areas in your home that are working.  We have bedrooms that give us a place to recharge each day, kitchens complete with what we need to feed our families, bathrooms and laundry areas to keep us fresh, and spaces to share with good friends.  Thank you little abodes!

However, when something is not working…fix it.  Remember the best fixes are the ones that work for your lifestyle and not someone else’s.

Budget Friendly Organization

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Tall, narrow “skinny” shelving units are some of the best ways to achieve the organization we need.  A favorite is the chrome wire unit above that is 36x14x72, holds 200 lbs, easy to assemble, and cost just over $50 on amazon.  These units can look right at home in many decor, and even snaz up storage areas.  Adding a few extra shelves offers maximum versatility.  These babies even have accessories like hooks, baskets and shelfliners so things don’t fall thru.  Look how creative a plant lover has been using one of these units!


 Vertical Storage

What about this DIYer project to utilize vertical space?  While not technically “shelving” this pot storage is open and takes advantage of storage opportunities we sometimes overlook.  Need a little more “coverage”?  What about this type of system on the inside of a pantry door?  Out of site yet completely in view when we need it!




 Does Open Shelving Work?


Sometimes open shelving simply does not work.  Some of us do not have the “I can take care of things on open shelving” chromosome.  With a little inspiration, and realistic time management, we can all learn to take advantage of open shelving.  Remember this past post about cost savvy options? 

3 Ways To Succeed Using Open Shelving

Indentify The Need

Storage & Display


Builders are famous for adding built-in units to homes.  We get calls all the time from clients to help them stage their shelves.  Instead of staging, let’s style our shelves to reflect who we are.  Above, our client does a wonderful job displaying family items she cherishes with pieces that are used often.  Need a platter, pull it off the shelf and use it!  (Going to have to get with her to push the sound system woofer to the right and cover that cord!)  Open shelving that offers both storage and display is always a success.

Look For Unique, Cost Effective Options

Style & Budget


What’s not to love about this kitchen!  We can just see ourselves padding around grabbing our daily use items off these wonderful, simple shelves in front (yes in front!) of the windows.  Open shelves can be a cost effective asset to personal style.

Have Realistic Expectations

Visual vs Maintenance


Wow…doesn’t this shelf cart look amazing while it gives some much cookery a lovely home!  Using open shelving for storage works best when we are realistic about the extra maintenance that will be needed.  When units serve a purpose, and look this good, they will be easier to keep organized and keep the items clean.

This first January of the decade…let’s start thinking about getting skinny with our storage!

Looking For Love…Try Tall Storage

Not quite ready for full, outright open shelf storage?  Take a tip from our design firm, and look for ways to incorpoate tall storage into your home.  Add extra shelves to existing tall storage, retrofit a large piece of furniture (got an old entertainment cabinet lurking somewhere?), building or renovating?  Adding narrow depth, tall storage is one of the most economically efficient ways to see, reach and organize some of those 300,000 items!

See Our Pinterest Board For More Inspiration!

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  1. We use those shelves in the garage now. They used to house all my containers of yarn!!

    1. And we love your blog…reader’s check out Gail’s posts for great inspiration!

  2. I love the look of the open shelving in kitchens. Yesterday as I cleaned my kitchen, I was reminded why I don’t have that many open shelves in mine. Way too much maintenance and upkeep. Unless you use every item at least on a regular basis so they don’t collect dust. Your photos do make them eye-appealing though.

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