Letting Our Closets Do Their Jobs

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As we have said in posts before, no matter who we are or what we do, most of us are going to have to get dressed each day.  Instead of this daily task being a source of stress, how about we go back to letting our closets do their jobs!


January 2020

#1- Appreciating Our Homes

“Our homes are designed to work for us…when we let them.”

Today we will look at several past posts where we delve into our closet habits in more detail.  How about showing our closets some extra TLC this month.  The return is priceless.

Adding A Wardrobe Planning Station To Our Closets

We’ve shared about all kinds of unconventional ways to use space in our homes for wardrobe needs.  Here’s another that works equally well for all ages.  A hanging garmet shelf.    What if we all consider creating a spot where we can prepare for each day, or even each week?  Hanging clothes, folded clothes, hats, bags, shoes below…even a small dish for jewelry and all the stuff in our pockets each day.  Not sure about a separate area like this?  How about creating the same kind of space inside the existing closet?  Preparing for our days without the stress sounds wonderful and really lets our closets do their jobs!

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Letting Our Closets Do Their Jobs

   Just Get Started…It’s Liberating!

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Ready To Have Your Closet Love You Again?

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  1. A hanging garment shelf?? I have one like that which I use for hats…..hmmm. Maybe I need more for more things?

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