Sunday Strolling 5.22.22

Sunday Strolling


Decompress And Recharge With Us!

As interior designers, we are never quite off duty when it comes to exploring and researching current projects.  On Sundays it’s nice to take the time to look back in our photo archives and remember why we saved a photo to begin with.


This week’s inspiration is from, Gail, a blogger we follow mostly for food ideas and motivation that keeps dinner on the table!  Her photo drew us in right away as we do a little Sunday Strolling and recharge for the week!

Color Combinations That Grabbed Us This Week
if life is a bowl of cherries…heaven must be all shades of blue!
classic cars…perfect for any age garage

Enjoying The Sunday Stroll So Far… strolling-architecture-pinterest-blues in our homes
wouldn’t it be grand if more architecture had the blues? strolling-we're in a mood-blue decor
and if this is what moody looks like…we’re in! art-house&home-dining rooms
large art works… on the sides of bulidings and in our homes
now this says sunday with all our inspirational colors in mind
color…good for the body and soul strolling
pets…such an important part of our homes…every day of the week

 Have A Great Week!


Note:  Many of the photos we are sharing are from previously published sites. When possible, we provide photo credit.  The photos we have archived truly have meaning to us for their content and quality.  If we have one of yours, please contact us and we will be happy to add the credit or remove it if you do not want us to use the single-sourced photo.  To all of the photographers, we sincerely thank you for making your work available.  You keep us, and our readers, inspired on a daily basis!


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  1. Maybe that’s why we love Greece so much…there’s more blue in the homes outside and inside.

    1. Glad you liked them…pass us along as we all need a bit of recharge on Sundays!

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