The Trick To Always Having Fresh Spices And Keeping Them Organized



Got any spices with expiration dates in the last decade?  Looking for ways to stay organized and have fresh spices all the times?



Before we get into the post, isn’t the Ikea hack, in the photo above, pretty cool?  A small rod on the inside of a cabinet door with small portions of spices ready to use.  This could even be on the wall in a pantry, or the back of a pantry door.


Oh my, we are already nearing the end of January 2020!  During the month of January, in our quest to make this year all about how our homes work for us, we have talked about areas that we use daily that can quickly get out of control.  Before we hop into February, let’s finish up with one more area near and dear to so many of us. Our spice cabinets.

Expiration Dates

Depending on the type, spices can be good anywhere from 1-4 years.  The exception is if you are that cute guy in the movie who has been keeping his Indian mother’s spices sacred as he learns to cook in France.  Did you see this movie…it’s a foodies delight.  Truthfully, very few spices will hurt us if consumed past these dates.  However, most spices will lose their flavor much sooner than a year.  Yet there is a simple way to always have fresh spices and stay organized.  But first, let’s have some fun.

What Kind Of Spice Organizer Are You?

Don’t we all have dreams of being as organized like this The Container Store  photo? To the right, a client that may have too many spices.  These are his “leftovers”!  Full disclosure-we have permission to use and talk about these photos from real life clients of laurelbledsoedesign.

Above are before and after photos of a cabinet that has been set up to function well.  However, it is a mystery of how things in a cabinet can shift downward behind closed doors!  Have to remember that kitchen organization is a good habit.

Spices Are Enticing

The whole idea of curating a spice cabinet is a bit romantic wouldn’t you say?  Alone, spices allure us in with their colors and aromas.  With one whiff, we envision all the wonderful food we can conjure up.  Mr. LBD and I have been known to work in a stop at a local spice shop as part of a date night or errand day.  I swear there is a connection between buying spices and stopping for a glass of wine.  Who wouldn’t want to do this more often?

The Trick To Fresh Spices

Buying smaller amounts of spices, more often, is how to always have fresh spices.  Buying only what we need allows us to stay organized.  All we have to do is start TODAY. (photo courtesy of Jodie’s Touch of Style blog…just love her spicy skirt!)

Storage Options

For individual spices, the original container may be fine.  However, mixing spice blends requires us to use other containers.  This pesto jar is a great size for larger batches of spice mixes.  The take out small container is great for smaller mixes.  We  recycle when we can and use as small as possible disposable items for the spices that are so potent they need their own “home”.


2oz Condiment Cups with Lids 

(also known as jello shot cups…)

Pesto Jar


 Uniform Reusable Containers

Because we plan so many kitchens for clients, we are always looking for the best way to take advantage of each home’s existing storage options.   Using the same size, washable jar is a great way to individualize spice needs.  Buying loose spices online, or locally, works beautifully with a system like this.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 7.46.25 AM.png

Keeping spices in a drawer can be a mess.  These drawer dividers are becoming a favorite of ours for all kinds of organizing.  They expand to fit most drawers and come in gray and white also.  (actually discovered these for undies organization but they work great in the kitchen too!)



Spice Organizer Set


Spice Jungle

Securing fresh spices, in just the right portion, in reusable storage containers sounds like the perfect date night to me.  With a wine stop of course!

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14 thoughts on “The Trick To Always Having Fresh Spices And Keeping Them Organized”

  1. Great timing! I just gave my spice cabinet an eye roll this morning, because I can’t find ANYTHING in it. Totally my fault of course😂

    1. Lol…so much of letting our home do it’s job involves we operator’s!
      Nice to hear from you. Jake is getting so big!

  2. I recognize those shoes!! What a fabulous idea for spices. I use the lazy susan method…and they are in alphabetical order, of course!! LOL

    1. You can see I use Lazy Sue’s as well but find things tip so I will keep tweaking until I have it just right. I’m using so many blends now that I make ahead that I use less!

  3. I have a slide-out drawer next to the stove. It’s convenient. Previously, in last home, I had magnetic containers on the side of my fridge facing the stove — cooler, prettier, but not as convenient.

    1. Amazing what really fresh spices can do. However, experimenting with some Lebanese flavors and a few minutes heated in a pan can really bring some back to life. Of course you know that I’m sure!

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