Historic Home For 15 Generations

It’s The People Who Live In A House That Make It A Home

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In today’s world of real estate hopping, not many fathers can say they lived in the same home as their father.  How many can say 15 generations of fathers called the same house their home?

Living In A Historic Home

So what’s the scoop about the house above?  It’s the family home of the best father I know….Mr. LBD.  Ironically today, he shared that he has been researching his family history and believes this is the house he was born in.  Unfortunately, the house burned down years ago and there are not too many people left to inquire about more details.  What he has learned is that the house was built in 1792 and indeed 15 generations of the same family owned the house.  That’s over 200 years of Father’s Day celebrations!

More Than Just An “Old House”

historic homes-victorian homes

When our son was in high school, we actually lived in a neighborhood of historic homes. This is a photo of the day it was sold in 2001.  Like our neighbors, we all knew bits and pieces about our home’s pasts.  What we could not verify, we enhanced and added our own memories of what it is like to be a part of history.  To date, I think that home still holds the record for the longest place we have lived.  And yes, we had some great Father’s Days in that home!

Updating A Historic Home

As designers, we get hired often to choose paint colors for our client’s home’s exterior.  Close your eyes and try to imagine your home painted in smokey shades of charcoal with a hot pink door.   Would you consider our suggestion?


Why not when it can look like this!  Look at this 165 year old beauty!   Hooked On Houses shared a post about the home of Roger Hazard, remember him of A&E’s Sell This House?   I have no idea if Roger is a father, or if that is his car, however, he sure knows how to update a historical house!

Spending Father’s Day Away From Home

This year we are traveling and will not be at home.  This does not mean we won’t be celebrating the guy who makes our world keep turning.  One daughter has been to visit us in the airbnb we’ve rented this trip.  The others will call, and facetime, and we will enjoy all the amenities of our “home away from home” during the day.  It’s all about consumables!

fathers day-homes-good interior design

Join Us

Later this week, we will share more about this lovely rental we are enjoying this month.   With very little effort, we can all make any place a home!

father's day- believe-dad's live in homes

“Miss you every year, Dad, but believe you are with me every day.”

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. So glad you’re back! I have miss your posts and your inspirations. Can’t wait to see all your new ideas.

  2. We spent several weekends in that lovely home. I really like it when you moved the whole kitchen downstairs! Only you could make that transition look so easy!

    1. Nothing is impossible in our homes. When a house works for the people living in it Is when it becomes a home!

  3. What a fabulous surprise to see you in my inbox this morning! Happy father’s day and you know I love that pink door!!
    www jtouchofstyle.com

    1. Thank you! Our schedules have finally loosened up a bit and we can get back to all of you. Thanks for the patience everyone!

  4. OMGosh…missed you and wondered where you were. So happy to see you back here.

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