Turquoise Is Universal In Great Interior Design

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Turquoise. All designers know it is the universal color that turns good design into great design in an instant.  In fact, it works so well, we often take this beauty for granted.  The same is true about the people we count on every day.  At times it is easy to take people we work with closely for granted.  This is especially true when a team works so well together.  Today we share how Mother Teresa, and the color turquoise, remind us how strong we are together.



The Universal Color!

No other color is up for interpretation as greatly as the color turquoise.  From the brightest sea greens to the more murky sea blueish browns, this color is one we all see differently.  Very much like how Kristen and I approach our projects.  Each in unique ways, using each others strengths, to achieve the ultimate, personal design for our clients.

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50


If you have been following LBD for any length of time, you most likely picked up on the fact that food photography is a favorite color inspiration source for me.  Like this one shared by heartbeekitchen. The turquoise table top grabs us and begs a closer look at this beautiful soup!


Technically, interior design has the brain of a scientist and the heart of an artist.  The common denominator is emotion.  No matter the design style, passion always creates good design.  I can just see myself, in a soft-worn, striped apron making soup in this kitchen.


Working with Kristen, I’ve learned to pause and appreciate her love of fashion and how she uses wardrobe combinations to inspire some of her designs.  Recently, another fellow blogger, Jodie’s Touch Of Style, posted this photo taken by her talented hubby, Rob Filogomo.


After seeing Jodie in her all-white threads, my mind translated this into the design world below.  This simple design is so impactful with the single element of surprise in the luscious blue-green glass table base.  Maybe Jodie will get the urge to use her woven bag next time!


Let’s Enjoy More Summery Inspiration!




Yes, turquoise works so well with everything as is so evident in this outfit shared by sincerelyjules.  A rich, warm tan showcases gold bangles, a vintage watch, pinky-purple sunglasses, white lacey top, blonde shorts and leafy patterns.  And what do we see as the subtle star…a turquoise bag!


The beauty of all the wonderful hues of this color palette is they look totally different when dusk turns to an inky night.  Turquoise is universal in great interior design!

couch style-turquoise-dining-room

Blonde Flooring, Black and White Art, Introduction of PINK!


Greenery, Crisp White and Shimmering Golden Brass!


Tone on Tone…Walls, Lighting and Ooooh This Bed All On A Warm Wood Floor!


In Vintage Architecture!


With Navy…Just Like A Night Time Sky!


Before you sign out for today, please take the time to leave us a comment below. How many places can you spot with turquoise in your home?  Your closet?  Does it make you happy?

Let’s Us Help You Be Your Own Designer!

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Together We Can Do Great Things!


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  1. I have turquoise in my home as accent pieces and in the Costa Rican oxcart on display. I do love turquoise. I haven’t seen LBD in months now, glad to see that you are back.

    1. We do love your sites food photos..especially when on a backdrop of the universal color! Thanks for commenting…perhaps we can colaborate on a post!

    1. It is, and has been around for centuries yet is often thought of as a trendy color. We disagree!

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