The Secret To Finding The Perfect Vacation Rental

Home Sweet Home “Away”!

The Garden House in Nulu


What do you look for when hunting for a place to get away from it all?  Is there a  secret to finding the perfect vacation rental?

5 “Must Haves” In The Perfect Vacation Rental


Here’s the skinny on online photos for property rentals.  The camera does not show dirt, or dust, or dead bugs or hair.  TMI, maybe but for someone who won’t eat in a restuarant with a dirty bathroom, this is a must.  A bonus – this perfect little abode comes stocked with everything needed to keep things tidy during the stay.

Space To Turn Daily Routines Into Savoring Rituals

I used to think only “older people” were set in their ways.  Now that I’m the one that is older and wiser, I acknowledge our daily routines have nothing to do with age.  When we travel for a get away, we want those routines to be more like a slow pace ritual.  Read before getting out of bed, stretch that extra cup of coffee into the morning show, prop our feet up and answer emails, finally get a shower at 3pm…you get the picture.


Well Thought Out Extras

Even the most luxurious hotels don’t have as many extras as Garden ceiling and exhaust fans!  You thought I was going to go on about the flowers and the chocolates didn’t you?  And yes, every rental has towels, but not as nice and as many as Garden House.

garden house collage

A Real Kitchen and Laundry Area

Eating out is wonderful for about 2 days.  After that, don’t we all crave a bowl of cereal while we are binging on Netflix?  We enjoy cooking and have some of the best memories of meals made while on vacation.  Once, much to my beloved’s embarassment, I asked a host to photo and show me the insides of the cabinets so I could see it was stocked for cooking.  Joke was on him, as the two gents who owned the house were thrilled to show off how much they also enjoyed cooking and had all kinds of local goodies for us when we arrived.

As far as a laundry goes, we simply no longer rent a place without one.  How else can we travel with just an overnighter each?

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Architectural Details

Years ago, before everything was at our fingertips on the world wide web, we’d have to hunt a bit more to find architectual gems to call home for awhile.  Let’s see.  We’ve stayed in a shipyard where the room was actually over the water where the ships used to dock, a converted stable that still had straw stuck in the ceiling from 100 years earlier, and Mr. LBD tried once to get me to get in a box with a pulley to stay in a lighthouse.

Here at Garden House, we are content to sit on the covered porch and marvel at every detail of this architectural gem.  When architecture and nature blend seamlessly peace arrives.


The Secret To Finding The Perfect Vacation Rental

Oh yeah…so what’s our secret?  Don’t look for a vacation rental, look for a home. Finding the perfect rental is as simple as that. We won’t settle for a place that is not nicer than our home and allows us be “us” in a different location.  A change of scenery, but not a change of the life we have perfected.  When we find a place, like Garden House, we consider it our home away from home!

What about you…how do you look for a vacation rental?

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  1. Looks wonderful Laurie. You do find the best places to vacation and live!

  2. What a fabulous place. I love that you asked to see the inside of the cabinets….priceless!! But especially important when you are staying awhile.

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