The Many Talents Of American Craftsmen


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 The personal interior design of our homes is influenced by what we know, what we feel, and whom we choose to share our most important, memory-making moments with.  The profession of interior design has always been one with global connections. Today we want to pause and celebrate the American Craftsmen.

An American Construction Site


Last summer when this renovation began, the flying of “Ole Glory”, was an everyday reminder of the opportunities we have working in America.  Today, instead of sharing longshot after photos of this beautiful home, we’d like to share photos of the detailed talents of some of the American craftsmen.

The Talents Of American Craftsmen

After the space planning, interior design, and mechanics of a project are underway, comes the task of making everything become a reality.  Finishes are the foundation of the interiors décor.  Exquisite finishes create exceptional design.


Natural birdseye, burled maple custom doors inspired by a vintage guitar.  Crafted in the contractor’s shop.



laurelbledsoedesign-kitchen-appliance panels-statement lighting-kitchen islands

Easy to be impressed.  Behind these custom panels are a refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  However, look more closely and appreciate the cross-grain pattern on the left and right doors flanking the smooth center panel.


While we always appreciate a good drywall finisher, we admit we have a crush for this team.  Flush reveal base, and inlaid linear hvac supplies, show a true talent!

Interior Design and Electronics

Next, we are totally impressed with the electronics of today,  This TV retreats into the cabinet!  We’re equally impressed with the vendor’s attention to the project and his “on-call” availability when we couldn’t get something on or off!

Design Details That Eliminate A Designer’s Pet Peeves

We’ve never liked obvious seams in a full slab splash.  Although we can take absolutely no credit for this subtle overlay, we will certainly remember how design-oriented this splash is!  Condos always have strange chases that are a designer’s nightmare.  No problem for us, as the contractor jumped thru hoops to install this stainless steel clad.

One last “wow”.  These high gloss cabinets are wood and finished by a local auto paint shop.  Amazing craftsmanship.

Bathroom Interior Design-Where The Details Matter


No other area in our homes is as important as our bathrooms.  These are the spaces that get us ready for whatever the day holds and then pamper us each night.  This shower has a single piece of quartzite, backlit, that starts this custom design.  Equally as impressive is the tile on the ceiling with the carefully planned pattern placement, and the recessed french drain on the floor.  Nearly every trade on this project contributed to this shower.

The Trades Make Good Design Happen

In all design projects there comes a time when the designer has a vision of which the materials may not be easily available, and the concept “has never been done”.  Not an issue as the vendor listened, the contractor punted and the installer created to make this concept flawlessly happen.  This project is one quality installation after another.


Before we close this post, with our tribute to America on her birthday, we’d like to thank Acadian Builders, and all of the exceptionally talented craftsmen, who gave this interior’s design real “legs”.  Additionally, to our clients, our sincere appreciation for the opportunity to work together creating this welcoming home.

Happy 4th Of July!

Please enjoy the slideshow… it’s from a few years ago and remains so meaningful to us.

We Are Proud To Be Americans

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