Appreciating American Architecture

Small Neighborhood Business And The Architecture They “Live” In!


Earlier this week many of us celebrated our nation’s birthday with a bit less fanfare than usual.   Vintage neighborhoods, and the small businesses that reside, make it very easy to appreciate American architecture.

Our impromptu architectural tour started almost by accident after a quick stop at Quills Coffee.   This coffee company has blended vintage and modern architecture.   Walking out the front door inspired us to see what was around the corner, one block over.

Architecture Expresses Who We Are


Oh my…talk about a house that is patriotic all year round!   The red door, white star, and brilliant blue siding is just perfect for this unique architecture.  We were tempted to knock on the door and learn more!


Moving down the block, the entry of this next home caught our attention.  A pair of perfectly proportioned lanterns grace the century-old architecture.  What a lovely courtyard as well!

Landscape Is A Part Of Good Architecture



The next two pieces of period architecture feature exterior colors that are current today.  Both use various shades of gray that reflect the owners’ personalities.  We are intrigued with the house below…does it look like perhaps it was attached to another structure at one time?  Vintage architecture always has a story to tell!


The home below is more of a purist in nature.  The brick and stone has been carefully restored.  A more modern rail compliments the age old stone post entry.


Vintage Architecture Is Creative

Ah, last but not least are these two stately structures at the end of the block.  Upon first look we think how nice it is that two neighbors coordinated the exterior paint colors.


Within a few more steps, we see the two pieces of architecture are connected!  What a fantastic idea to rejuvenate two historic homes in such a unique way.


We are really not sure what this entity is.  Hoping it is lovely townhouses in this charming neighborhood where so many have chosen to keep our nation’s historic architecture viable.


Hats Off To Neighborhood Small Businesses

We’ve always appreciated the small business owners who add so much to a neighborhood.  Like Butchertown Grocery, they offer so much more than the cups of coffee…they complete the places we call home.


The Free Architecture Diet & Exercise Plan

Earlier this year when I, like everyone else, made an effort to walk more (it was January after all!), I appreciated vintage architecture on a stroll around our neighborhood.   Look close and you’ll see this older charmer holding it’s own in front of the new highrise!   Architecture is accomodating.


Architecture Feeds Us

Well maybe not literally, but are not a good percentage of our meals in, or around, the architecture we call home?  So yes, this holiday wasn’t the same as years past.  However, perhaps like me, you’ve had a bit more time to appreciate the things in our daily life even more.  Like the architecture all around us.


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    1. A small silver lining to having a bit more time to notice.

  1. This is one of our favorite things to do….walk around and admire the architecture. In fact, we took an architecture tour when we were in Chicago. We should look into that when we get together again.

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