The Dirty Little Secret About Floor Tile

Tired Of Cleaning Your Tile Floor?



Love a tile floor but not the daily maintenance?  Join us today and learn The Dirty Little Secret About Floor Tile!

Choose Your Floor Tile Based On Your Pet’s Hair Color


No we are not kidding.  Personally, for years this has been a guideline for our homes.  White cat, white rugs.  Gray cat, gray tile.  For 17 years we had a perfect Border Collie with one exception…the hair!  Black dog, dark floors.  Even for pet-free homes…keep reading…we all have daily “dirt” we have to deal with.  Same secret about floor tile applies.

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The foundation of every one of our interior design projects is the floor.  Hardwoods and tile hold the top two spots of most desirable types of flooring options.  The selections are endless.  However, no matter what we suggest, there is one motivator that tops all.  DIRT.  With tile, we all want a floor that looks like we just cleaned it when we have not touched it for months weeks.   We all want a tile floor that is as easy to maintain as hardwood seems to be.  Newsflash…hardwood gets just as dirty as tile but it’s not as evident.

Floor Tile That Mimics Cement

vtwonen concrete tile patio floor -littleblackdomicile

Using larger tile, with fewer grout lines, can reduce the maintenance of a tile floor.  Larger tiles, with a mottled surface, can mimic a cement floor and hide many of our daily sins.  Using a stain-resistant power grout, in the same hue as the tile, will perform as effortlessly as any hardwood.

18x18 Concrete Ceramic Floor Tile

Emser Stadium 18×18 Concrete Ceramic Tile



Pattern In A Floor Tile Design Hides Dirt


Susie Reynolds Conservatory with Black and White Check Floor Tile

Ooooooh…. there is nothing like a good pattern to be the dirty little chameleon we all love for easy maintenance.  A simple light and dark checkerboard pattern is always a classic choice.  This neutral design pattern can work with nearly every decor and is flexible with tile color and size choices.

And don’t we all go crazy when we land on a mosiac floor in a hotel, or restaurant?!  Of course we do.  Why not follow the lead of where thousands of footsteps trod and use these patterns in our homes more often?  This type of tile floor is nearly indestructible while it shouts “high end design”.


Camouflage Floor Tile In A White Decor


White, light decor has always been desirable until we all think about taking care of the flooring.  Look at this wonderful example of both a cement like large tile and a smaller patterned tile on this floor.

Really want a “white” floor?  Try one with lots of movement and shading and eliminate some of the maintenace woes.


Lowe's Ivetta White Porcelain Floor Tile

Ivetta White Porcelain Tile

 No kitty hair will show on any of these floors!


Subway Style Tile On The Floor

Perhaps you recall how we are always encouraging clients on unique ways to use subway tile. Here are some wonderful ways to use subway tile on the floor!  Wall tiles can also be installed on the floor in lower-traffic areas.  Talk with a knowledgeable tile source about your specific application and keep the vac in the closet for a few more days!



apartment therapy black chevron bathroom tile floor with white grout- littleblackdomicile

3x12 Absolute Black Honed Tile - littleblackdomicile

Absolute Black Honed Tile 3×12

Colored & Pebble Tile Floors

Before we close, we’d like to promote two last types of tile floors that we love.  A monochromatic tile in a rich color, like this green beauty below.  On the floor, in an otherwise all white bathroom, this would be striking and not a single hair would ever show!


Pebbles.  Simply another way to add so much design while reducing the daily care of tile in our homes.

Perfect-Pebble-French-Tan-C-188 Floor Tile


Pebble Floor Tile-littleblackdomicile

Anatolia Sunset Impressions Pebble Tile

Choose The Tile Floor Grout Wisely

Sometimes grout that looks like dirt is the best choice! (it’s ok, there are far more important things in our days that cleaning the floor)

Tec-customgroutcolors- littleblackdomicile

dbtile floor tile installer
Choose the right installer and your project will always be a success!

The Dirty Little Tile Floor Secret

Your tile floor is still going to get dirty but with the right design, mum’s the word on how often you clean it!

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