(3) Reasons Foodies Love Our Butcher Blocks!


Maybe we should rephrase this to say, “Happiness is a kitchen with a BIG heart!”   Join us today as we share (3) Reasons Foodies Love Our Butcher Blocks!


Butcher Blocks Are The “Big Heart” Of Any Kitchen

Last week we shared the first post with a few before and after photos of our kitchen renovation.  Today we are talking about the one item that had to be worked into the new design.  No way we could function without our butcher block!


In both the old kitchen (photo below) and the new kitchen (next photo), we only have one place for our butcher block…at the end of the island.  This location is perfect, as the block is close to the sink, trash and now no appliances interfere.  Previously, the wall oven and the block had to chummy a relationship.

Quick side note:  John Boos is a Made In America company and an excellent resource for all things butcher block.  Look at this cutie at just 12″ x 12″.  Is your countertop calling?!


# 1 Butcher Blocks Become The Most Used Counter In The Kitchen


How Much Countertop Do We Need?

Somewhere, at some time, I read that Julia Child said no one needs more than 36″ of countertop.  In this interview, she said, “Others might need more. I only need this much.” and was talking about how the lack of counter space in her kitchen worked just fine for her.   I’m with you Julia, I can do nearly everything on our 24″ butcher block top.


The butcher block we currently own first made an appearance in our carriage house a few years ago.  This kitchen, which also had a small footprint and a big heart, had a central space that was “just a few too many steps” from the sink island to the range and perimeter counters.  Adding this butcher block, on a stand, created the perfect 2′ square intermediary.


Freestanding butcher blocks come in various sizes, with a large majority of them being compact enough to be a welcome addition to many kitchens. This block lives large in a 24″ x 18″ footprint.  The color combo of this piece is striking!



# 2 Butcher Blocks Quickly Become A Cozy Gathering Spot

Don’t have a central island? Or have room for a peninsula somewhere in the kitchen?  What about a block like this one on legs with one side open for a pair of counter stools?  Sweet!





# 3- Butcher Blocks Are Easy To Maintain

One last tip to consider when using a wood top for food prep.  Continue to use a resin cutting board for meat and dairy products.  We cut, chop and slice everything else directly on the wood top.   Daily cleaning with a vinegar and water spray keeps the wood sanitary.  A monthly treatment with a food-grade mineral oil conditions the wood.




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