The Best Ways To Decorate With Plum

Pretty As A Plum

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Recently a reader asked us to share a post using the color plum.  Immediately we think of plum as more of a “fall” color.  However, once again following the format of using both food and fashion as inspiration, we easily find the best ways to decorate with plum all year round!

Food As Decor Inspiration

Several times while traveling in New England, we’ve had the opportunity to meet the boats at the dock and choose our own lobsters.  Our first experience was with a dear friend who owned a home on the coast and was an expert at selecting the very best victim.  She’d pick them up, feel them, look at their bellies, and rejected most for one reason or another.  I was so captivated by the color of the shells, that I forgot we were going to eat these girls and guys.  Looking at hundreds of them together, indeed reminded me of all of the colors in a bowl of plums.


Burgundy Is A Shade In A Plum

The deep, blue-red color combination is one that makes such a statement when paired with white.  The large art in the entry below adds such interest to this alluring design that otherwise boasts a neutral color palette.  And the beauty by the pool certainly rocks the white, plum and silvery combination for summer time.


BM 2075-10 Dark Burgundy-Interior-Design-Color
BM 2075-10Dark Burgundy

The Dusty Clarets

Have you ever been tempted to try to decorate with, or wear, a bold color yet lose confidence at the last minute?  Oh, how many times we hear a client say when looking at paint colors, “what is the next shade lighter”?  Inside tip: Instead of going “lighter”, and ending up with an old-time nursery color, try a more muted option.  Almost as if a layer of flour was tossed on the color you feared.


The same design principals apply as with the dark burgundy above.  Light, white backgrounds feature a softer, dusty claret.  Add this color to mottled grays and natural greenery for the most welcoming of looks.

BM 2083-30 Old Claret-interior-design-color
BM 2083-30 Old Claret


Featured Today Four “Plums” We Love

 Benjamin Moore


The Very Berry, Mulberry of Plums

We humans can be contradictary when it comes to color.  In food, we oooh and aaah over platters that are explosions of color. Think about a red onion vs a white onion. Our brains start to process color as flavor before we can take the first bite.  However, especially of late, we hold back on color in our homes.  Why?

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BM 2075-20 Mulberry-interior-design-color
BM 2075-20 Mulberry

Perhaps the reason is fear of commitment to any one color.  Our suggestion and solution ….introduce the colors you love into the decor as portable items.  Start with a big bouquet of flowers and soon you’ll be ready for colorful pillows and rugs.  The bright plums, like this mulberry color are sure to make us all smile.

architectural digest

A Raisin Does Not Come From A Plum

Finally, perhaps the hue we see most often in a plum is actually more like the rich purple-red color we see in grapes.  Since raisins come from grapes, I guess this is why the last plum we love to recommend is named this way.  Wouldn’t it be fun to be the person who gets to name all the paint colors?

Food, Fashion & Plum Interior Design

BM 2083-10 Raisn Torte-interior-design-color
BM 2083-10 Raisin Tort


Our IT guys are all working from home and seem to be going at it overtime.  We get more little nudges to remember to ask for what we’d like from our readers.

How would you use a plum hue in your decor?

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  1. Haven’t considered plum before – but what a deep, rich color. Maybe in dining area one day soon.
    Thanks for this post!

    1. Plum is a color often overlooked and it is so eye catching I do not know why!

  2. It’s such a gorgeous color, but you don’t see it all that much in home decor, do you? I don’t even think I have a ton of it in my closet. But I’ll be on the lookout now.

    1. Yes, you are exactly on point. Plum is very sophisticated as you point out!

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