Expectations of Blog Content and Online Shopping-Take Two

This post is an update to one written last fall.  Still perfectly timely and food for thought for all of us.  Plus…you don’t want to miss the exciting update on our lamp saga!

Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect To Be Wonderful



Last week LBD suffered another blog site problem on Sunday that took some extensive work with our IT guys to correct.  I am using this as one big excuse as to why posts have been sparse lately.  But to be honest, I’ve felt the funk of not being inspired to write new blog content for weeks.  Perhaps we need to gear expectations of blog content in the same way we do for online shopping. Update:  The world is in a funk right now and it takes all of us to keep each other motivated and inspired.  We appreciate all the kind thoughts that head our way each day and the understanding that blog posts are not at the tippy top of the priority list each day.

The New Shopping Cart


Expectations Of Online Home Furnishings

Hit or Miss…and Everything In-between

  • the prices are good…we need to keep this in mind when we judge the quality
  • the delivery can be quick…when it’s not we need to chill
  • there may be issues with the item…or things might be perfect
  • it’s up to us to remedy the issues…there is no middle man to “deluxe” the product or handle a problem we can’t live with

It’s our firm’s busy time of the year, heck anymore there is not a slow time for us, and we are working long hours on exciting, but exhausting, projects.  Update:  Every project takes longer to implement with our current world situation and the stress each person in the chain is dealing with is part of the timeline. Personally, Mr. LBD and I moved to our dream city and location.  Again, equally exciting but gobbling up the after work hours big time.  As much as we accomplish in a day, some days we still feel like things are left undone.  Shopping for home furnishings is easy to do from anywhere.  Sometimes it can be a time saver as well.  However, shopping online is different than being able to see and touch an item.  Update:  Shopping to feel something wearing a mask and gloves somehow limits the experience.  I miss the in-store smiles hidden behind the mask. We need to be realistic.

Let There Be Light

During the last few weeks of my funk, Mr. LBD needed to see some progress on our home’s decor.  So last Sunday night, about 10pm, we sat down and we ordered a lamp, and a chair, online.





When it comes to lamp design, we could not be further opposites in what we think a good lamp looks like.  While I appreciate his clean, sensible style…I like lamps to be artistic in almost a hippy kind of way.  I’ll also share that we vastly differ in the purpose of a lamp and why God has made 3 way light bulbs.


So onto the compromise which came on Monday!  A perk of many online shopping experiences.  Quick delivery.  He got the traditional marble material and shape.  I got to mix the metal colors and get some of the same feel I love by adding in some glazed pottery.  Now, look close and you’ll see that we’ve got a little wabi-sabi going on that even Miss Artistic can’t overcome. (remember this past post?)

Yep, the bottom marble is drilled off-center.  We did not notice this until the box was cut up and in the dumpster.  (do as I say and not as I do…keep the box a day!)  If the lamp wasn’t so heavy that it could topple, I might be able to talk myself into keeping it as is.  The fix is to order a new lamp, at our cost, and place this one in the box for a return label pick up and credit.  Hopefully, the replacement will come lined up and this will become a hit.  For now, it just added to the list of things to do and maybe a miss.  (dang I should have held onto the camel lamp we had for 20 years!)

Update:  Even though we got the replacement of this lamp, it never made my heart sing.  Because we now live with so much less, I want every piece to be just right.  Our new lamp is much more artistic, and lower so Mr. LBD even lets me turn it on occasionally.  I’m sneaking in another 3-way bulb soon!


Take A Seat….Please!


Next up, Mr. LBD was growing weary of looking at one of the director’s chairs we have kept a set of for years to use as extra dining and patio seating.  We’ve ordered several larger leather pieces that will be delivered this month but had not looked at a chair for this spot.  Unlike with the lamps, we generally agree pretty quickly about furniture.  We can both forgo a tad of comfort for an occasional piece that looks so darn good and is a reasonable price. Update:  This chair has become a favorite spot for Mr. LBD.  


This chair is from a favorite online source, Article.  This chair arrived Wednesday, in a nice tweedy like fabric and these ever so smooth walnut legs.  A small section of one foot got rubbed in the box and a quick touch up pen will remedy that….but not bugging me enough to do it now.  100% hit in style, comfort and price.  Helped wonders to get me out of my funk.


Motivational Monday

Life Is What We Make It


In closing today, I want to introduce you to Roxanne and her guy.  They sit gracefully in the same spot each day.  Since we moved to the city, these two brighten my day each time I walk by.  A few minutes of conversation and Roxanne instantly knows when we need a pet, or chin rub, more than she does. Perhaps the most exciting update is that Phil and Roxanne have gotten a home.  Although we don’t see them as often, when we do it is even more special. 

Missing a blog post, or having an online purchase be less than expected, is manageable.  I have choice, each day, to look for the best, except the rest or deal with it “charmingly”.  I choose chin up….I kinda like the crown where it is.

Please Join Us...You Keep Us Motivated!


Did You See We Spy Sunday?


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6 thoughts on “Expectations of Blog Content and Online Shopping-Take Two”

  1. I like all you topics! Life takes more someday s than others, and at this time it seems more is more often. Usually at some point during my day or in the evening somethings happens or I hear something that makes me think,” how are these people dealing with that, how can they handle yet another weather related disaster, sickness, heart wrenching sadness? Then I say to myself, thank you I can deal with what’s not perfect for me. I’m particular about lamps, I understand! There are the accessory, the jewelry of the room.
    I remember the slender lamp post, it seemed like the perfect mix of elements. I didn’t think it was YOU. I didn’t know why? Second choice in both lamp and chair are best. On occasion we feel desperate for a solution. We can be coerced into hurry now. I have done that. It’s never one answer is it? The thin lamp with the single stand (leg) table, detracted from the table. Three level lamps are for people who read. I love them.

  2. I hear you my friend, these are challenging times and it is hard to stay motivated, and thats ok. Show up whenever you can and we will be waiting. I love that you used my pinterest quote at the top of your post. Although is might not link to my pin because it has been stollen so many times.

    Have a great night, love your new additions to the apartment.

    1. Oh my…that is your quote! How marvelous. Link it here in the comment and we will update the post!

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