Three Things To Make A “Work From Home” Office Better

Working Remotely…The New Normal

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It’s a sign of the times.  More of us are working from home ourselves or engaging with others who are learning new ways to be productive.  Calling our workspace an “office” has a much broader scope right now.  Here’s three things that will make our “work from home” experience better.

# 1- Every Work From Home Space Needs A

Surge Protector

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No matter where our “new” offices are, we need surge protection.  In our own homes, we travel from room to room and when out at a coffee spot or other socially distanced location, we need to make sure a surge does not zap our device or even the charger.  This little guy is small enough to tote from space to space and can handle several devices at the same time.

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# 2 – Every Work From Home Spot Needs

Adjustable Lighting

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Even with all the charm of a local coffee shop, that encourages non-traditional workers to plant themselves for a few hours, the overhead lighting can be lacking.   When at home, I find having adjustable floor lamps can give just the right backlight for reading and computer screen work.  For those who have set up a conventional desk situation to work from home, an adjustable table lamp can reduce screen eye strain and make the home working experience more pleasurable.  For kids’ rooms, it can be fun to let them personalize their space this way.

Not Everyone Works At A Desk

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Jud Mackrill

A favorite chair, or a morning vanity can easily become a work from home location.  After years of working without a set office, I’ve found that changing up the location in our homes for work can be rather productive.  Where is your favorite place to work/play on your device at home?  (leave us a comment below!)


Kid’s Schooling From Home

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There is a lot to be said about creating a work space to be the most productive. Even though we are not faced with the current situation of kids being schooled from home, I do wholeheartedly acknowledge that some people work better in a private space.  For teenagers, that may very well be a bed!  Nice way to encourage personal responsibility.  How many times have we responded to an email or finished a proposal right before turning in for the night?

Multi-Use Home Offices

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Perhaps you remember the post that shows how Kristen and Mr. LBD Jr. share a home office.  It’s fun to go back and see the before/after photos of how they created a multi-use space just perfect for their needs.  Working remotely is no problem for them!


#3- Every Office Space Needs A Coaster!

Laugh If You Will!

Years ago I had a tea mug that came with its own coaster.  This was not part of a set, and I admit it was so darn artistic that I started drinking tea because of it.  Because it was hand-thrown pottery, I literally wore the glaze off!  However, since then I have always reached for something to place under both hot & cold drinks to prevent marring a surface and to catch condensation drips.  I think being at home more means easier access to beverages.  Why shouldn’t they be in vessels that make us feel special in these crazy times?  Wood coasters, like the ones that come with these cups, have always been so versatile.  Time to treat myself to a new one!

The Perks Of Working From Home


Finally, let’s not forgot that once we get the hang of working from home there are so many perks.  Yep…we wrote a post about it long before the pandemic!  Got your dinner started yet?

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  1. I tend to do better at a desk for some reason. And you’d be proud of me…I have a coaster!!

    1. I feel writers need to have options to stay inspired. However, it only takes one power surge to zap our systems to learn to be the most careful while mving about!

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