Living Small In Style

How Small Can We Go?



Do you sometimes wonder, or dare to dream, what it might be like to live in a smaller home…one with style!  We are not talking about one of the tiny homes that HGTV tries to convince people are great to pull around from one friend’s yard to another. Not a teeny, tiny home that requires you to crunch down to the size of a flattened mouse to get to the loft bed.  Or one that means a trip to the laundromat each week.

No, we are talking about homes so efficient and design-oriented that we forget they are only 700-900 sq feet!  Homes enticing enough that we are itching to give them a chance to make a difference in our lives.

Small Homes With Style Have…

  • Architectural Interest
  • Creative Decor
  • Efficient Uses of Space
  • Specific Storage
  • Fewer, Yet Finer Furnishings
  • Space for Art and Collections
  • Wardrobes that Work
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Are Located In Diverse, Engaging Neighborhoods



Amenities Needed In A Small Home

Before we get too far into the idea, let’s get a rundown on what these spaces would have to offer to make our “maybe we can do this” list.

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For me, and because I always seek out these smaller gems to rent when we travel, from experience my list is precise. The devil is in the details!  I am enough of a realist to know that if too many of these things are missing it won’t be pretty for anyone choosing to stay with me.  When the details are there…it’s the devil all the way!

Small Homes Need A Kick-Ass & Clean Kitchen


IMG_8592.jpgCompact overall but with great appliances.  Solid cookware and service ware to prepare healthy, simple meals.  Three to five feet of clear counter space.  (Julia Child only needed 3′ for most of her recipes.)  Storage for basic setups like beverages, pantry items, and a week’s worth of food.  Think bread and cheeses, eggs, fruits/veggies, a little wine..perfect!

Bedroom with Natural Light – Great For Small Homes


Queen size bed with quality mattress and soft, white linens.  Reading lamps, small chest, and an auxiliary chair.  A small closet, with room for a portable hanging rod, can take care of our favorite wardrobe for short term stays.  For full-time residence, many smaller homes have amazing large walk-in closets making it so easy to live large in a small space!

SMALLER Dresses copy

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Updated Bathroom Is A Must Have In A Small Home



Ideally, the bath would have both a tub and a shower but it’s not a deal-breaker if there is no tub for a rental.  For a full-time home…I need a tub.  If you are a bath person you get it.  Storage can be achieved in so many ways for any size bathroom that built-in storage is also not an issue in a small space.  As a matter of fact, open storage makes me limit what I really use.  That is liberating.  To finish it off, just enough fluffy linens needed.  Too many and they just need to be stored.  A washer and dryer are also a must.  No explanation needed.

In Style Common Areas Make Small Living A Joy


In almost every city I could think of to live smaller, we would be close to fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, the library and places with music.  Most of our socializing would be out.  However, there are plenty of ways to be creative and entertain a few people without a full dining area or seating for everyone.  Don’t we always stand around the kitchen anyway?  Eating and lounging for two (and our iPads) would be fine.   Music is a must.  It would not take much to have the best sound system available in this size space.  Truthfully, living smaller would enable many upgrades to be possible.

These Days Small Homes Need An Office/Private Niche


This last item does not have to be large but it does need to be separate from the other areas.  Regardless if it’s needed as an actual office, or simply a place to sit, ponder, or catch up with life…this space is critical for me.  Look how creative this small space is! A table, with a lamp and mirror, plus a chair.  An amazing amount of work can be accomplished in this space.  Doubles as a makeup area full of natural light.

Outdoor Space Tops Off The Small Home

Oops..this is the last thing that makes living in a small space really pleasant…some kind of outdoor space.  Not so large that it needs constant clean up but just large enough for morning coffee or happy, happy hours.

The above photos, used for our must-have list, are courtesy of a Vacation Rental by Owner in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  We had the pleasure of being the first guests in this unit!  This unit is available to rent through the link below.  Next time you get the urge to try living a bit smaller…this is a good place to practice!


See The Complete Listing Here

Smaller is a relative term seen differently by everyone.  To someone living in a 6000′ home, one of 2000′ may be their idea of a tiny treasure.  Regardless of what your idea of tiny is, we can help you make it the perfect LBD for you.


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    1. And I’m sure you didn’t miss a beat cooking all the wonderful things you do!

  1. Our summer cottage is ~900 sq. ft. and while it has been updated from the 1920’s original, it has all the amenities you mentioned. It requires storage and space creativity to make it work. For us, it’s perfect.

  2. I love how you present the key points!! The outdoor living has become big for us!!

    1. I think we appreciate outside spots so much more in small homes and when we have more time to enjoy them. We both live in very hot climates and yet we go out every day!

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