We Spy With Our Designer Eye 9.6.20

The Beauty Of A Home Library



Sunday Strolling

Each  Sunday  we share a design that caught our eye.  An interior’s design that made us pause, savor, and enjoy.  Like this one shared by markashbydesign.  Upon first glance, this home’s library is a beautiful mix of contrasts.  Looking more closely, we see all the well-chosen details that make us want to curl up and savor a Sunday!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!


  • floor-to-ceiling, not your standard white, bookshelves…..
  • painted rich, dark charcoal adds character to this study, combination living room
  • personal accessories, and small art, are an inviting mix amongst the volume of books
  • large bronze framed windows let in loads of beautiful natural light
  • geometric, patterned pillows, just ready to support our lumbar region
  • a natural sisal rug is topped with a funky cowhide rug …instant warmth and texture get added to the room
  • with a pair of upholstered gray chairs, let’s take a seat, prop our feet up, and get lost in one of our favorite books 
  • creamy white walls and adjoining ceiling offer a stark contrast against the dark charcoal library shelves 
  • almost hidden, a subtle table lamp
  • arched cases, framing the doors, show true craftsmanship
  • lovely add of color in the wall art and glass art on the marble top shared table
  • an iron chandelier must absolutely twinkle at night
  • fresh flowers grace an open-legged writing desk
  • the contacts free, reading glasses on, young professional holding out as long as possible before preparing for the start of the exciting upcoming week of work
  • music?  not today…sheer silence!


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