The Importance Of Our Bedroom’s Interior Design

How Does Your Day Begin?


How important is the interior design of the bedroom we wake up in each morning?

Wednesday “Wow”!

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We are always touched when an interior designer helps a family member with some final touches.  This is the time we all get to work on projects that are done with love for the people most dear to us.  As is the case in this quick before and after done by the designer of theheartandhaven for her Mom.

Bedroom Before The Interior Design Is Completed


Bedroom After The Interior Design Is Complete


The Updated Bedroom With Some Simple Changes

It’s fun to go back and look at a previous post and to hit the links and see what’s new with the designer and their blog.  We learned that a quick update of adding in more neutral colors, with black and white, completely changed this bedroom.  Another example of what we also suggest to our clients, using a virtual e design can refresh a space in no time!

Looking for inspiration, and confidence, when designing your home’s interior design?  Two things you can do…

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8 thoughts on “The Importance Of Our Bedroom’s Interior Design”

    1. Having our most private spaces finished for each of us to savor is exactly what good design is all about.

  1. Lovely! It’s been a great time to revamp areas in my home because what else is there to do really?
    Lovely blog as well, if you care to check out mine, I’d really appreciate it. I focus on topics of minimalism and intentional living.

    1. Hoping as things return to the new normal, we all continue to appreciate our homes!

    1. Thank you. Please visit our archives with over 600 additional posts. We strive to write content we are passionate about and post as articles are the best they can be!

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