(3) Quick Bathroom Updates Without A Renovation!

Is Your Bathroom Yearning For Some Love?


Our bathrooms take it on the chin from us every day.  Probably no other space in the house that we use more.  Show your bath some love with these quick updates that don’t require any renovation at all!

Decant Bathroom Products

Don’t stop at hand soap on the counter for pretty, product saving dispersing of your favorite everyday items.  Get a soothing spa-like look quickly by looking on sites like Amazon for all kinds of bottles to transfer your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and soaps into.   Of late, we’ve noticed amber bottles are popping up on design posts everywhere.


Part of the reason we treat ourselves to a spa day is that all the visual clutter is controlled with products that all look nice together.  With everyone using different products this might be a tad harder to do at home…but not impossible.  We like the plastic options for safety and folks are giving these waterproof labels good reviews.


plastic amber bottles 


waterproof labels

Corralling All Those Hair Appliances

Lot’s of Pinterest boards are showing fancy hot drawers where irons and straightener are plugged in and ready to use.  A nice option for hot-wired renovations and new builds.   In the meantime, using an old fashioned magazine holder is a very clever idea.  Store all the items together, even throw in the brushes, and pull this puppy out on counter as needed.  We like the idea of the mesh ones below in case those appliances are still warm going back in.  One or two of these could really tidy up under the sink quickly.  We bet the hair dryer might even fit in one!




mesh organizer

Using Wall Space In Bathrooms

So often, when we are called to help a client renovate a bathroom, the number one wish list item is more storage.  After a quick, objective evaluation of what really needs to be housed in the bathroom, we assess where we can add storage to the existing layout.  Over the commode is usually prime real estate not being utilized to the best potential.

What we do find is that if there is storage in this location, it is often being used for display and decor items.  Why not have what we need look nice and be part of the decor?  Remember those spa baths we mentioned?  We can do the same thing at home.

Look at these open shelves with tissue and facecloths right out in the open.  And how attractive are these woven crates for towel storage?  Oh my, what will we do with the cabinet/closet space this frees up?!



Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 2.13.43 PM

pair of floating shelves





multi size woven baskets

A By-Product Of Updating Our Bathrooms

Have you ever gone car shopping, decided that your current car really meets your needs, and rushed home and gave it the cleaning of its life?  The same thing happens when we show our bathrooms some love with useful updates.  A really good cleaning makes us all stand back and really appreciate this space that takes such good care of us each day.  Home Spa 101!

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  1. I always love the idea you show Laurel.
    We made wall art out of our towels for our guest bathroom. I patted myself on the back with that one, LOL

    1. I’m intrigued by these waterproof labels. Certainly many uses for them in the kitchen too.

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