Why Dress A Window With A View?

Right after location, location, location in real estate comes the view. We all want one, especially in areas where we can see water, mountains, or about anything else Mother Nature can conjure up. So why dress a window with a killer view at all?

Window Dressing Is Traditional

Grandma had drapes, right? Yes, she did. These wonderful colors and prints were full widths to cover the windows for privacy and when too much sun might fade her furnishings. I often found these heavier, almost woven cotton, in vintage clothing resale shops. Imagine the shopkeepers taking them on consignment just because they were so beautiful. The chances of these panels’ lengths and measurements working as window coverings in most homes are slim. But oh so much wonderful fabric! There is a shop in Venice, Italy that sells fashion made by talented seamstresses in the women’s prison. Donated fabric, at times these very vintage drapery panels, are used to create the most amazing one of a kind fashion pieces.

Today, in general, decor either shies away from any fabric coverings at all or features a “mock” stationary set of panels to mimic a full set of drapes. One reason is we indeed do not want to block any more of the view than necessary with the amount of fabric that would be needed to do full coverage treatments. Another, we are a different generation with tastes that are often more minimal with our design choices.

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We Dress A Window To Block Sunlight

However, with a more minimalistic approach, we then need to deal with all that glorious light Mother Nature gives us for free. The problem being, her time clock and ours do not always sync! Take it from me, sunrise is not for everyone. Even though we chose a sunset view…she still manages to sneak in way before we are ready each morning! Man…she is consistent!

Therefore, even windows with killer views may need dressing. Blackout shades will still let a little light creep in, but it’s nothing like the blinding “hello its morning again” greeting of that little lady. Remote controlled solar shades work beautifully for full and partial coverage, or can be hidden completely in their own cassette. As you can see in the first photo, in this installation they are tucked behind the room’s crown molding.

So on a sunny day, with the shades down, and a light on, the room looks like this photo above. Raise the shade all the way and back to your choice of blue views.

Our Favorite Dressed Window

Lastly, before we go, one of our favorite days is what we fondly call a “snow day”. The closest thing we get in Florida is a day where it is cloudy and rainy all day and our skies are white. Perfect day to turn on the lamps and enjoy the cozy, completed design of the homes we love so much. Ah, the wisdom of Grandma.

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