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Last week a reader we virtually chatted with, asked how do we decide what photos we use in a post because they are all so good. Another commented that posts have been especially meaningful lately.  Hmmmm…this made us pause and think what is different?   The answer seems so simple.  We write about what we are passionate about.  Today we share a repost about what makes us all tick!

You know what I am talking about.  The things that simply take over your being and drive nearly everything you do?  The continual factors that are always somewhere in your psyche filling you first with what if, then maybe, and finally the confidence to say “Yes, this is what I am about!” The things that fill you with passion. (how nice when we realize it is often the daily things we see that fill us with passion-photo above 9.20.20)

Workshops That Inspire Us

This past week (the actual workshop was summer 2018), I had the pleasure of attending a workshop watching young entrepreneurs hone their skills to benefit their craft.  Everyone involved in this event is an amazing person.  The speaker is a powerhouse filled with excitement about sharing her evolving business.  The collaborators, who orchestrated the action-packed event, were silently efficient in hiding all the work continuously done behind the scenes, presented their many talents.  Each dynamic attendee brought with them a unique set of concepts, processes and goals for their business and themselves.

Photography Starts with the Hands

These Hands Bake!

As a group, we all attended the same events and heard the same words.  Yet, I am certain we all came away with an individual interpretation of the experience. What makes each of us tick is delightfully different.

Looking and Seeing
Breakfast, Food, Dining Together
Bromabakery Workshop

Interested In The Next Workshop?

Passion Thrives In Numbers

Food is the glue that universally binds. (I’ve felt this to be true for years. Now, several years later, I see my photo stills continue to improve by shooting everyday items in our lives. We all eat right?) It’s what brought us all together this week.  In some way, each of us has a unique connection.  No two paths are the same but they all lead to the same thing.  Contentment in the knowledge we are privileged to be doing something we are passionate about.


113 1/2

The workshop venues varied between local eateries and an architectural gem of a townhouse!


Let me tell you there was not one person at this workshop who was not already a superstar!  Everyone was 100% “on” the entire workshop.  Soaking up new techniques and immediately putting them into action in some of the most amazing photos.   Photos they will all use to show the world what makes them tick.  These young women are on fire making things happen for themselves and their families.  The only “glass ceiling” any of them mentioned was the atrium in the townhouse this weekend.  Each one of these gals is a unique inspiration for anyone considering the possibility of a new path. (2020 won’t stop any of these gals!)

There is no reason not to follow your heart. – Steve Jobs


Practice What Makes You Tick

We hire professional photographers to shoot our projects.  Both ourselves, and our clients, marvel at their talents and enjoy the journeys all over again looking at the photos.  My goal this week was to learn the process and understand photography.   This happened.  So did something I did not expect.  I gained the confidence to take a few photos on my own below! (now we shoot the most dynamic working photos of any design firm and it appears to be showing in our posts!)

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FullSizeRender 6
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Yes, our Motivational Monday post is a tad later than usual today. (2020 means our previous scheduled days no longer exist…a post comes out when it is ready and when we have had the passion to make it the best it can be) Similar to the philosophy of littleblackdomicile, that there is a perfect LBD for every home, this post shows there are many things that make each of us tick.  How glorious it is when we let it happen.  Sometimes all we need is a little help from our ” Foodie” friends

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