We Spy With Our Designer Eye 9.27.20

Sunday Strolling


Each  Sunday we share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by tommasospinzi. Last Sunday we joked about doing something different in our home’s design…this week we give applauds to this guy who is way outside the design box! Indeed, he is writing his own story. Bravo!  Join us today as “We Spy With Our Designer Eye”!

Ooooh…Here’s What We Love About This Interior Design!

  • large pencil art leaning, not hung, on a crisp white wall
  • dual bookcases, one for oh so many books for this young man to peruse and the other for his companion’s artifacts
  • equally comfortable chairs in midnight and caramel leathers
  • repeated round, white circle elements in both accessories and the light on the floor
  • mix those metallics…bronze, copper, chrome, and some we might not even see
  • a dusty rich blue lumbar pillow has just the right amount of sheen
  • is that a mirror or a moody second piece of art on the taller bookcase?
  • clean epoxy concrete floors
  • a pair of flowing drapery panels frames the living area..might they even close?
  • white table base is home to a thick glass coffee tabletop
  • love the sneakers
  • gotta be new age music coming from somewhere
  • interesting lighting, and art atop both bookcases
  • looks like a mechanics floor spot lamp
  • subtle black and white mosaic tabletop tray…wish we could see it all!
  • ok..let’s chat about the elephant in the room…literally…a car!
  • a Porsche…of course in the perfect, coordinating color palette, is a big part of this interior
  • interior design that is inside, or outside the box…but one you won’t forget for a while!

Enjoy The Week!

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    1. Absolutely can be with the right ventilation…we’ve done this before for clients who want to socialize in the “sports” garage.

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