Sunday Strolling 1.9.22

Is there a Perfect Black & Tan?

The Original Black and Tan

Sunday’s are just about the perfect day! A good day to reflect on the week past and prepare for the one to come. Most designers we know have files of photos that we save, well just “because. Maybe it’s the FOMO thing or maybe it’s simply because we appreciate the work and talent of others. To all the photographers and artists of every kind, we thank you for making our Sunday just a little bit better!

Mother Nature has this color combination down pat
Black and Tan can be intense…..
Or Black and Tan can be light and airy.
Guys, Travel, Paris…need we say more?
Crisp, yet warm interesting elements in this black and tan.
Vintage Interiors and…
Fresh and Modern
Take a look at what Javier S Medina creates in his lovely shop!
What about it…ready to do your own strolling today? Try one of our favorite sites!
Think these guys know how chic they are? They may be the Perfect Black and Tan!

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your time today with us. Here’s to a good week for all of us!

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