What Does A Guest Really Need In A Bathroom?

Motivantional Monday


Tis the season for our friends and families to be using our bathrooms!  On another Motivational Monday let’s talk about what a guest really needs.

Guests Need Space To Use Their Own Items In Our Bathrooms

No matter if we are the best hosts around, our guests will bring a few of their own bathroom items when visiting with us.  Preparing spaces for them to use, and store personal items shows we care about their comfort as well.


  • empty a drawer that can be easily reachable for all ages
  • clear space at bottom of cabinet, or designate a hook for toiletry bag
  • clear counter space and provide access to a receptacle


Provide Items With Clear Uses For Bathroom Guests

The easiest way to think about how to make our guests feel comfortable in our homes is to set up the bathroom they will use like a favorite hotel.  Clean, crisp amenities that give our guest a little pampering is so much better than making them “feel like they are home”!


  • cotton swabs and dental sticks are always appreciated
  • a mild scent lotion can be used by all genders
  • pump hand soap keeps washing up sanitary
  • a non breakable cup is the perfect place for toothbrushes to dry
  • tissue and extra roll of tp are a must
  • fresh bath and hand towels with areas to hang them after use (the over the door hooks are invaluable!)
  • hair dryer, disposable razors, freshly filled body wash, shampoo and conditioner

The “Extras” In A Guest Bath

Part of being a good host is not only eliminating the need for our guests to feel uncomfortable asking for items they may need…it is also thinking ahead to avoid situations that “might’ make guests uncomfortable at all.  Don’t have these items…click on the photos below for an instant source because who wants to Christmas shop for a plunger!?

make up removal towels

  • providing either disposable make up remover wipes, or specific dark colored cloths for this purpose elimate that “oh no” on those fluffy white towels

toilet brush and plunger

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 2.22.46 PM.png

  • add a new clean tub/shower non slip mat because we don’t have time for a fall right now


  • and speaking of safety, temporary grab bars for shower walls or tub edges can add a sense of security to those in need

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  1. I try to keep my guests supplied with little necessities as well. If they don’t need it, no worries. It’s the thought that counts. 🤔🍃🌸

    1. We bet your home is a welcome place for all…especially grand kids from your posts!

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