No Matter The Weather…Coffee Is Universal

Do Certain Aromas Smell Like Home?


 Sure chilly, curl up to the fire nights or after a sunny morning walk can get us thinking about a good cup of coffee. But when is it we really savor the scent of a cup of joe?  For a very large percentage of us, it’s when our feet hit the floor each morning.  Scents create emotion and no matter the weather, where we are, or how we get it…Coffee Is Universal!

Local Coffee


Every city seems to have locally crafted coffee shops.  How cool is this truck, in our home city, where one can go uptop for a cup?!  Coffee originates from the tropics of Africa in the 15th century.  Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day.  We couldn’t find any numbers about how many of those cups are made at home, but we imagine quite a few.

Serious In Home Coffee Centers

With some planning during a new, or remodeling project, entire coffee centers can be installed.  Complete with a continuous feed, filtered water supply and carefully configured storage areas, these units can make a serious coffee lover out of most of us.  Nice yes, however, so many other ways to get our daily fixes.


Grandma’s Counter Top Coffee Pot

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 10.15.09 PM.png

Who Thinks These Will Make A Comeback?  If they do…you heard it hear first.

Coffee Stations

Most of us have areas in our homes that house the coffee maker and supplies.  We stumble up to them, first thing each morning, hoping we remembered to get the coffee ready the night before.  With about 2 feet of counter space, we can all keep most of what we need handy.  Or at least this is how it used to be before we became coffee snobs and our ritual got a little more complicated.


Williams Sonoma

Now we have the overachievers (yes Mr. LBD is one) who can turn a simple cup of coffee into a private cafe.  Like these lovelies in a handle-free cup. Even a non-coffee drinker (Moi) thinks these are so Chic!


Using Vintage Finds To Make A Coffee Station

Many of our moms and grandmas had service carts. Once we even had a client who actually pushed her little cart into the den each night to serve her husband hot chocolate before bed. (not happening any time soon in our abode!) However, what a nice way to repurpose a cart, or shelf unit, and create our own coffee station. As often as we all would use this baby, we’d keep it clean and not let dust collect. Talk about freeing up some counter space too….it could be like a mini kitchen remodel! Don’t have a hand-me-down cart, Amazon most likely has one you will like.

tell it to your neighbor

For Those Who REALLY Love All Kinds of Coffee!

Lastly, we have several clients who love coffee so much, they have multiple ways to enjoy their brew. Translated, this means they have various appliances to house. A larger, off-counter, cart or a series of counter trays, can keep corral these beauties and keep them ever ready.

Chemex Station

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time with us. Enjoy your next cup of brew!

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11 thoughts on “No Matter The Weather…Coffee Is Universal”

  1. Love coffee, obviously since one of my blogs has a coffee theme! My mother was from New Orleans and I was brought up on Chicory coffee. I don’t drink it now but love strong black coffee, expresso, lattes, etc.

    I would love to have a coffee bar in my home, however, living in an apartment doesn’t offer much option to do so.

    1. New the market coffee well! We live in a very small condo and count a corner of the counter as our coffee bar. It’s a mindset I think!

      1. Yes, it is a mindset! I try to dedicate a corner of our counter for coffee but it seems everything else interferes. Oh, well. ☕️☕️

  2. I am surprised my husband didn’t think to add something like this in our new place. Of course we have a refreshment center for wine instead oh, so maybe that tells you a little more about us haha!

    1. Sounds like you are part of the caffeine club! Although I am a tea drinker…Mr. LBD is the original Mr. Coffee!

  3. I looove the smell of coffee. So, a coffee station in a remodeled kitchen is genius! 🌟✨💫☕️🍃

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