Choosing The Right White Paint Color

Love it or hate it, there are few things more beautiful than a fresh snowfall.-Tumblr

Looks like most of our nation is having “unseasonably cool” weather this week. For many this means some of the white stuff is falling. Reminds us of a common question we get as designers…”What is our favorite white paint color?” Ah, let us count the ways.

White Paint

Every paint manufacturer is loaded with choices for “white” paint. We have to chuckle when a DIY project goes astray and we get a call to “fix” the white paint used off the shelf. One project we discovered that the client had pulled the white base thinking it was “white” paint. This is when we learned that pigment bases do better with tints. A good lesson for all of us is to choose a color and let the experts advise us on best product for success. But oh my…there are so many whites to choose from..where to we begin?

Finding White Paint Inspiration

Unless you suggest paint color for a living, finding the right white for your home is tough to do off those small little samples. Worse yet is to buy samples of several and place them on the wall. Yes, we know some of you have tried this sample approach only to be more indecisive…correct? Why? Because to have a white paint application be 100% perfect, we need to consider many factors. We need to consider both natural and artificial lighting, other surfaces that will project their color onto white walls, and the condition and color of the existing walls. We suggest looking at images with white hues in them to get started on what white is right for you. Whites are mostly either “cool” or “warm. Let’s Look at the following images as we share our impression of the color palette.

Harmony and Design

The white in this traditional marble is a cool white, similar to Sherwin Willimas Eider White.

Nibble of Tidbits

Next, in these luscious little cookies, we have a warmer white. Sherwin Williams Dover in the middle and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee on the outside.

Interiors by Charles Spada Interiors
Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna

Benjamin Moore White Dove is one of those colors that lives up to its name…it is simply one of the softest whites around.

photo credit

This little guy reminds us of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.


Besides appreciating the talent of making meringues, this photo shows how to mix warm and cool whites together. Sherwin Williams Eider White with Benjamin Moore Cloud Nine.

photo credit unknown

One of Kristen’s favorite white paint is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. My two favorite whites have never made the “best of” at all! (I’m sure it’s because these publications have never inquired!)


We are not going to speculate about this beautiful paint color, however, will pass on this link for the 14 neutral paint colors offered by roseuniacke. This gal is a master.

Organized Home

Want to make being organized look effortless Look at all the other “whites” in these linens that all look perfectly at home with the versatile Benjamin Moore White Heron.

photo credit unknown

When we think of snow, or of a polar bear, we think “white” right? We love this guy because he shows how different whites can be. He’s Sherwin Williams Dover and his abode is more like Benjamin Moore Decorator White.

Magic Linen

Yep, we’d like to cuddle up in this bed for an entire Sunday. Sherwin Williams Shoji White duvet with Benjamin Moore Cloud Nine.

Sherwin Williams White Paints

Ok, what do you think? Ready to start looking for inspiration in other places that the paint deck isle and to never buy another mini pot to paint a sample on your wall? We hope so! Find images that feel right and then go with your instincts. Still need some confidence…consider using our edesign service. We are pretty good cheerleaders!


Hang On..The Whites of Summer Are Coming!

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