Trading Kitchens-Can You See Yourself In A Movie?

What Famous Kitchen Would You Swap With?

It's Complicated Movie Kitchen

It’s a curse, and a blessing to be an interior designer going to see a movie on the big screen.  On one hand, we see every minute detail like the creamy Le Creuset dutch oven peeking out from under the island and the drip coffee maker on the range top.  On the other hand, we miss so many crucial parts of the plot taking in each scene!

Dreaming Of Movie Kitchens

It's Complicated Movie Kitchen

Do you recognize the kitchen in the two photos above?  Need a clue?   It’s Complicated!

Who knows how many kitchens there are in this world.  In 2016 the population of the United States was 330 million.  Factoring in single people who have their own kitchen, and families who share these glorious spaces, conservatively we can estimate at least 150 million kitchens in the US alone. Regardless of how many kitchens there are, kitchens seem to be like hair.  We always want what someone else has!

8 Kitchens We’d Trade Spaces With

The Holiday Movie Kitchen

Remember the two gals in The Holiday?  They seem to want more than just each other’s kitchen.  I’d like both…one in the city and a country retreat.

The Holiday Movie Kitchen

What about the high powered career gal that finally figures out what is important from a 70 year old guy in The Intern? We have a lot of clients who would love this modern kitchen in a vintage home.

The Intern Movie Kitchen

Ah, Something’s Gotta Give, but it’s not going to be this timeless kitchen!

Something's Gotta Give Movie Kitchen

What about American’s darling who takes on the role of a Step Mom in this touching movie where two kitchens could not be more different.

Step Mom's Movie Kitchen

Step Mom's Movie Kitchen

Then there is this kitchen in The Change Up that really was the star of the film!

The Change Up Movie Kitchen

And lastly, a kitchen from a movie that makes me long for the days before Nicholas Cage was Moonstruck.

Moonstruck Movie Kitchen



All I know is that when this designer “grows up”…I want to be a kitchen movie set designer.  This way I can have them all!

What About You…Which Movie Kitchen Did You See Yourself In?

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4 thoughts on “Trading Kitchens-Can You See Yourself In A Movie?”

  1. How fun to see all of these kitchens that you adore. Funny thing is that I’ve seen most of these movies. Space…that is what these kitchens have. The one we live in now is a galley style yet it’s very spacious…even though I haven’t been cooking much, haha.

    1. Size does not matter! Our current roost is 8×10 and the most efficient kitchen we have ever had. We cook several times a day. Cooking is therapy. But I’d like to have a long weekend at several of these!

  2. Laurel, there is so much to consider when designing a kitchen. We are in the process of designing/remodeling our kitchen in the next 8 months. My husband and I are big cooks and bakers and we have.a great designer and it is funny because if you are not a cook, or bakers or even like to be in the kitchen your requirements are not the same as mine. Another consideration is service of appliances, and your lifestyle. People see a pretty kitchen and want to replicate it in their own house but do not realize that what works for one does not work for all. Love all of these beautiful kitchens. One last thing, you are absolutely right, a big kitchen does not make a great kitchen.

    1. We love to assist our clients create the perfect kitchen for all their personal needs…no matter the size. Personally, both Laurel and I work in pretty small spaces and enjoy them tremendously!

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