Need More Space In The Kitchen?

Think Your Kitchen Is Too Small For Great Storage?

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Over the years, our firm has worked on too many kitchen projects to count.  We’ve had the pleasure to help our clients create their dream kitchens in new construction, large remodeling projects, moderate kitchen updates and the kitchens near and dear to our hearts….the small kitchen.

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Motivational Monday

The size of a kitchen is such a personal choice.  Our kitchen has 5 cabinets, yes you read this correctly.  Laurel’s kitchen has 100% more storage than ours with a whopping 9 cabinets.  If you know her, you are not surprised.  One of the many things we have in common, is that we see spaces differently from others.  There is yet to be a space we have not been able to make function at it’s best.  We are also extremely motivated when designing kitchens with space challenges!

Turn Around And Find New Storage

Ikea Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Take a look at the position of these wall cabinets.  To turn simple wall cabinets the opposite way, and have them come to the counter, is a favorite way to add some design savvy space.  We have used this design so many times, especially in bathrooms where we can gain mega storage and have room for a sink and mirror all in a few feet of real estate.  Do you see the door casement to the left in the photo above?

Look Up For More Kitchen Storage

Ikea Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Be still my heart!  Can you believe how wonderful this design is using standard depth wall cabinets to frame the doorway to the family room?!   Talk about good looking storage.  Look again, in a space that is probably no greater than 7′ wide, we have all the daily dishes and entertaining service housed so beautifully.  Did you catch the silverware in the wall containers?  Too cool.

Using Unexpected Space For Storage

Ikea Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ok, if I told you to start with this was an eat in kitchen, you’d never have believed me.  In a kitchen that is this narrow?  Looks like some pretty special moments are made at this drop leaf table with more charming, decorative wall storage above.  But hands down is the innovative way to use a second door way in this tiny space.  Laurel has created a built in refrigerator under a staircase in one of her homes, but this one intrigues me even more.  Wonder what ingenious storage is on the other side of this door?

The Best Way To Gain Storage In A Small Space

Plan the Work and Work the Plan

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In addition to having fantastic storage ideas worked into the planning of this small kitchen, we also see a well thought out decor.  The right color palette is essential in a small space.  What we see on Instagram and Pinterest may not work for the space we call our own.  Would you have automatically thought to use these cool blue walls and trim and black cabinets?  Maybe, maybe not.  And probably a simple, yet absolutely perfect, classic checkerboard floor would have never crossed your mind with all the faux wood plank and patterned cement tiles flooding the market right now.

Subtle point is that using the right design team can open your eyes to new ideas that are customized to your home and budget.  Yes you will pay some design fees, but what you will gain is worth so much more than the price.  What you might save…well it can be substantial.  Did you see the post a few weeks ago, How One Family Saved $70K Using A Design Team For Their Kitchen Renovation? 


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6 thoughts on “Need More Space In The Kitchen?”

    1. This is why 75% of our edesign clients are for kitchen design. We assist in planning for how one uses the kitchen in the space available and not like some folks who are only kitchen designers. Not taking anything from these designers but do think with 40plus years of experience we push the envelop a bit more. Our clients have all the info they need to have a truly custom kitchen. And the smaller the bette to us!

  1. This was pretty cool to read about. I want to custom build a house one day and I plan to make the kitchen the most extravagant

    1. Remember than extravagant can mean whatever footprint you get can be designed to fit your needs. Often the term extravagant gets us thinking “large”!

  2. I like that kitchen nook that’s created by the doorway. It just goes to show how we can make better use of our space! Great ideas here.

    1. many creative ways to use space when we think out of the box..literally! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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