Bookworms Love Bookcases!

The Digital World Has Nothing On A Good Bookcase!


Regardless of how many books we have downloaded in our electronic devices, true bookworms still loves good bookcases!

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Friday Favorites!

There is something about the feel, texture and smell of a traditional paper book. Today, let’s enjoy these Pinterest shared bookcases, chock full of colorful spines we know cover an immense range of topics.


Bookcases on flat walls can easily accomodate a rolling ladder.  This library wall gives plenty of open bookcase storage along with some covered storage and a nice art display with lighting.

Floor To Ceiling Bookcases


There is always something impressive about a floor to ceiling display of books….and just books.  Still need a little boost, with this small foot ladder, to reach the very top!

A Corner For Bookworms!


Designating a special space to curl up and read, is always a design asset.  Can’t you just see rest time in this spot!

Vintage Bookcase


Modern architecture is not left behind when it comes to housing and displaying our libraries.  Here the color palette is as much a part of the design as are the wall mounted book shelves.  Love the empty units just waiting for future finds.

Books As Decor

westerndecorDIY-creamy-curved wall-bookcases

Eventhough it would be very hard to actually find the exact book we might be looking for, this bookcase and reading spot is fabulous!

Before We Finish Today With A Very Unique Bookstore…

What Goes Great With Anything…Especially Books?

Reading a cookbook while eating a chef’s creation simply sounds divine!


Or how cool to have an airsteam you can sit in while you read a travel book?  Makes us want to ditch the digital and hear the sound of those pages turning!

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 6.38.19 AM.png

Now you can share LBD via text!

4 thoughts on “Bookworms Love Bookcases!”

  1. When I was growing up, my dream was to have a library in my house. I just LOVE all of these options. However, now I don’t collect books, but get them from the library or if I buy one, I pass it on to my mom.

  2. I had a library in my former home and adored it….now that I don’t have one, I’ve purchased a number of Ikea bookcases to store what I kept. But, finances rule, so I now get my books from the library. You can never have too many books!

    1. Love the library and use it weekly…just means the books on the shelves are rotating! AND we need to keep our libraries open!

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