The Sunday Spy 2.12.22

Tiffany Skilling Interiors

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each  Sunday  we share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by tiffanyskillinginteriors.  This charming auxillary space off the main kitchen is about all I’d need to be happy all the time.   Join us today and see what we love abou this space from one of our favorite designers!

Ooooh…Here’s What We Love About This Interior Design!

  • eventho this is an extension of the larger kitchen in the project, love that it is a full function galley all on its own
  • this wall tile just grabs us and draws us immeadiately into this space
  • kinda a 70’s vibe all grown up!
  • a mix of dark cabinets and a warm wood floor
  • inset antique mirror in the exposed panels of a full-to-the-counter cabinets
  • equally as glossy black tile on another wall
  • soft gold cabinet hardware plays nicley with the stainless appliance finish
  • detail trim on the open shelves featured in front of one of the windows..great place for a few daily used herbs?
  • and look how these shelves reflect in the antique mirrored doors of those cabinets..just perfect!
  • hinged arm black and gold wall sconces with a light reflecting white interior shade
  • look closely or you will miss the black dual faucets
  • barely veined light contrasting countertops
  • looks like this might be a brass tone sink?
  • extended crown floats onto the ceiling
  • and oh the color of all of this wonderful molding…we are never sorry to make the move to something other than “white” trim…ready to go for it?
  • go big, and strong with a center fixture like this beauty
  • I’ll happyily be the sous chef, catering help in this little gem
  • hope there will be jazz playing in the background!



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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 2.12.22”

  1. Before I read the first note I thought this is beautiful, tiny kitchen! I guess it is a fully functioning “dirty kitchen” as they say. I love the vibe. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes…we did too. The entire project is worth looking at in the link provided. Yep just this small piece would do me just fine!

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