Savor Your Saturday With Food and Pedicures!


After a few weeks of just plain nasty weather across the country,  aren’t we all on the lookout for one of those February days when it is “unseasonably warm”?  Might even be thinking we can get a jump on a pedicure.  What better way is there to think abouy sunny days to come.  If you can wiggle out some time to indulge this weekend….would it not be glorious to sit in these chairs and be pampered?  This goes to show how a much difference good design can make.  This will not be not your standard pedicure!


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Sunday Night Meal


Since you are already in a pampering mode for the weekend, why not plan a slow cooker meal for Sunday.  You can run to the grocery in those cute little flip flops they give you at the salon. (I do.)  Here’s a favorite in our house.  French Dip Sandwiches.  However, I buy the shaved meet in the meat section (or ask the butcher to shave a london broil for me) to skip the messy part of slicing the meat.  I add peppercinos about the last hour of the time so its not too spicy for “some”.  Easy to have an impressive  “I cooked all day.” dinner with this one.  Left overs not too shabby either for a couple of nice take away lunches!


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