How One Lazy Gal Keeps Paper Clutter Organized

Paper Clutter Is A Pet Peeve messy desk

Seldom do you see the word organized and lazy in the same sentence.  Seems like one is the opposite of the other.  Keep reading and see how you really can be lazy and organized!

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Motivational Monday

Another Monday is already here.  Looking at our “to do reminders” on the calendar this week, I see that by Wednesday I’ve got to get the business tax things over to the CPA.   Yes, tax season is approaching once again.  In years past, this meant endless hours hunting and gathering all the essential paper crap stuff that the IRS decided we need to keep.  It also required a physical storage system to house paper clutter no one ever needed to see again.  Oh yeah, except that one Visa receipt that had faded unreadable!  I’m the kind of lazy person who can spend hours on something I want to do, and yet burn out in 10 minutes on tasks that I dread.

Scanning, Filing and Shredding Eliminates Paper Clutter

About 10 years ago we started scanning everything we needed to keep and then shredding the documents.  GASP!  We’ve had complete dinner party conversations about how others could “never do that” because of all the time it would take to go back and scan all those “important” documents and “what if” they need a copy of something.

Really?  In today’s world, chances are you are going to send the “copy” digitally to whomever must see it.  For the few cases where you need a paper copy you can reprint a fresh one that has not faded into glory.  Original paper documents that must be kept should probably be in a safe deposit box for safety.  Additionally, after checking with our attotney and CPA they all assured me they keep our records safe and sound.  Works for me.  Thanks to a scanner and shredder, we no longer have a filing cabinet for personal or business items.


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Scanning Apps

Printers with scanners are ok but take too much time for this lazy girl.  I’d much rather use a smart phone app and email the items to myself to quickly place in folders I keep in an annual file.  Easy-peasey and when I need to find my eyeglass prescription, or win an argument about how much Phantom of the Opera tickets costs when it debuted,  I’m ready.

Amazon Paper Shredder


Paper Shredder


Paper Shredder Lubrication Sheets

Shredder Lubrication Sheets

We shred everything that has our address and other identifying info on it.  Labeled junk mail comes in the door and directly to the shredder.  Identity theft is certainly a concern, but moreover for us its th unending about of paper that sneaks in the house each day that makes me crazy.  Everyday we scan, shred and then dump the remainder in the recycle bin.  To me, burning out a shredder makes me happy!  Our current one is 9 years old and complaining daily.  Eyeing the one above and will try the lubricating sheets this time to keep this puppy happy.

The Best Way To Get Organized If You Are Lazy


As far as finding the time, decide what system you can use that will keep you motivated and start today.  Move forward and don’t miss a day.  Lazy people can do a few minutes a day instead of being faced with tasks that seem endless.  Maybe you will go back through the old paper, and maybe you won’t.  Either way, today you start controlling that paper clutter.



Stay Organized With Simple Systems That Work

After you are virtually paper free you may have some office system items that need new purposes.  How about this to address another pet peeve of many mine…plastic container lids!  These things must have legs because they escape constantly. URGH!



Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 1.41.23 PM

Mesh Magazine Holder


Lazy, Organized People Have More Time To…


  • read, sleep, entertain
  • play sports, exercise, garden
  • go to movies, plays, concerts
  • more time to be Moms, Dads, Nanas and Paps
  • volunteer and care for others
  • write blogs (lol..negates most of the above)

One Last Pet Peeve Turned Into A Plus

Since I am baring my soul, and confessing so many of my personal pet peeves today, I must talk about band aids.  Mr. LBD is a band-aid hoarder.  He has every size and kind of the plasters, except for the one he actually needs at the time.  Thus a trip to the drugstore always brings in a new box.  Alas, being the cheerful Pollyanna I am, I’ve found a new use for these babies.  This goes along with my rule for making sure any paper that does enter our home goes right back out!

Is Paper Clutter Making You Sick?



Small White Note Cards



Now you can share LBD via text!

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  1. OMG…that card is hilarious!! Good for you for totally upcycling the bandaids!!
    As for the paper clutter, maybe that would be a good business for someone?? I think about it and shudder,

    1. lol..its on my “reinventing retirement” list of side hussles…a pick up, scan, shred service.

  2. I’ve used a shredder for years…but….I don’t shred the whole piece of paper, etc., I just tear off my address or personal info. By just shredding the smaller bits, I’m not putting my shredder through a “whole lot of work.” The remainder goes into my recycling bin…yippee! Gone! But, my rubbish collection doesn’t want the contents from the shredder…not nice of me…I sneak it into the weekly pickup anyway! Shhhhh, don’t tell them.

    1. What a good idea to shred the personal info only. Wonder why your trash collections does not what shredded material?

  3. Wonderful ideas! I’m so paranoid that I shred my paper and then burn the shredded paper. I guess I watched too many shows where they piece the shredded paper back together. 😂

    1. Haha..I’d like to meet some of these pasters…wouldn’t it be something if they worked all day and saw it was an ad for an extended car warranty!

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