Are All White Kitchens Looking Alike?

5 Ways We Still Love A White Kitchen!


We agree a white kitchen can be beautiful!  However, as of late, we’ve got more clients asking us what we think of the trend of shaker cabinets, marble tops, farm sinks, and white subway tile.  Today, on another of our Friday Favorites, let’s look at a few new ways we can say, “Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!”


White Kitchens Work In Vintage Architecture


Let’s look at this small kitchen above which is simply charming and has everything needed.  Looking at the narrow wall anchoring the counter run, we can tell a kitchen may not have been in this space originally.  However, look at the cutting boards perched in the deep window sill, the unique use of electrical fixtures for the pendant and ceiling lighting, and the years of character of the inlaid wood floor.  The sleek white cabinets and countertops, with no wall splash at all,  are the perfect addition to this white kitchen!

White Kitchen Elements That Are Used In Less Expected Ways


Don’t have the charm of vintage architecture? Create it! Instead of a straight patterned wood floor, a Chevron floor snuggles up to very simple slab design cabinet doors.  Using a full marble wall splash changes up the design quickly. Just look how the slabs are “booked”. (which means the veining in the stone continues with a central spine) Integrated appliances let the other elements take center stage.

Modern Style White Kitchens Capitalize On Lighting Opportunities


At times we will have a client that truly wants a modern design for a kitchen yet is hesitant fearing the space will look “cold”.  Planning for multiple lighting sources is a great way to add warmth to white kitchens. In addition to all this glorious natural light, we see inlaid backlighting at the range hood, open shelf accent lighting, and boxed directional ceiling fixtures. The lighting in this kitchen is so much a part of the overall design.

The Unconventional White Kitchen

Perhaps you remember this past post about  the deconstructed kitchen?     Some of our favorite kitchen designs do not have oodles of built-in cabinets lining every inch of wall space.  Using several shades of soft whites, this kitchen delivers an unconventional cookery together in no time.  Just look at this sweetie!

White Kitchens Work in Spaces With Obstacles

Hanna Ostberg

How clever is this kitchen above that takes full advantage of an exposed staircase? Not even sure how this is used from the other side, but it is so darn creative with it’s pot rack and recessed storage, we’d never change it even if the stairs became obsolete! Below, another wonder that makes full use of this large open space. Looking at the ceiling, we can imagine this may have been a dairy or manufacturing facility of somekind. Now, it’s simply a place we’d want to cook in!


White Kitchens That Max Out Storage Needs


The opposite of less is more. The kitchen above is a kitchen that utilizes every inch of space for maximum storage.  Keeping many of the elements, like this tone on tone for cabinet door and hardware color in the pale hues, creates a space easy to visually navigate. We can load up all our treasures!

Not Ready To Break The Decor Trend?

Alas, when a design trend lasts it is because the elements that make a space appealing are strong.  Crisp, squared door, white cabinets with bright metal hardware, are easy to work into many decors.  Natural marble has been around for centuries (think Rome), does age and patina beautifully. Quartz marble mimics can offer a classic look in white kitchens.  Wood floors are timeless. Islands are a huge asset to how we live.  Not ready to pass on the white kitchen? Then what about customizing the spatial layout and design? What about making the most important room in our homes all about us?


Unique White Kitchen Layouts

 Let’s look at this white kitchen again.  There are no traditional runs of base and upper cabinets over a countertop. Yet there is a massive amount of covered, reachable storage.  Design-oriented open shelves house usable products..the more daily used items we store open shelves the cleaner the space will stay. What about the series of 4 light fixtures over the island? Wow!  Window sashes painted a sharp contrast feature all the natural light in this space.  Take a quick look at our own kitchen and we will see this common “L” shaped, two wall footprint is not very different from hundreds of others.  Yet isnt the layout so attractive? We are ready for kitchens that are a bit off-trend, meet all the functions needed with just a little more edge.  Are you?
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