The Best Way To Make Good Travel Memories

Just like almost everyone else, Mr. LBD has missed traveling and was ready to go just about anywhere. Like many others, unfortunately, we experienced long delays for airline travel and less than stellar hotel accommodations. Add all this to the stress of the hospitality industry staff and it’s just not the kind of travel memories we want to have!

Unique Accomodations Create Good Travel Memories

We’ve decided to put a little more effort into travel planning. To offset some of the actual traveling to and from a destination current problems, we will either elect to drive or aim for direct, non-stop flights. One-way flights are our new friend. We can enjoy two cities with three one-way flights. Most are direct flights and if the plane can get in the air in a reasonable amount of time…God willing, it’s going to land! We can plan to stay overnight, or a month in each of two cities, and then return home. The cost is manageable and most delays are eliminated.

With some of the stress of getting to a destination removed, we can look forward to staying in accommodations that are truly memorable.

Fantastic Frank

Living In A Small Hotel

Portugal has been on our, live like a local, extended stay, list for quite a while. Not that I am yearning to be a host, but what about staying in a boutique hotel? This one is for sale in Lisbon and is offered by Fantastic Frank. We’d love to stay in a place where the owners claim one of the 6 bedroom/living room suites for themselves, and host guests in the kitchen and dining room rounding out the perfect live-work abode in the city. Staying with innkeepers who share their passion is always so memorable.

Penny Lane

Extended Stays In A Big City

Another city we’d love to return to for an extended stay is Montreal. One-bedroom apartments, like this one, are available for a minimum of 30 days. We are finding that we like going back to cities we have visited before. This way, when looking for longer stays, we know what area we want to be in and hunt for places where we can “live local” for a while. There is no place like a home someone else has set up with all the comforts of your own home!

Farm Cottage On Creek

Quirky and Quick Stays

Making memories is easy when we stay in unique accommodations. Remember when real estate listings would describe a place as charmingly quaint and we’d all pass on even looking because we knew those words were code for “small”? Fast forward and now everyone wants to stay in the unique accommodation. You know, the ones that are a bit on the quirky side! Like this one, a trolley car! The opposite of an extended stay, these smaller edgy places can be so much fun!

Bottleworks Hotel

Lastly, whenever we have a family event to attend, we look for a hotel that is nostalgic like this one that is in a 1920’s Coco Cola bottling building. So many cities have niche areas that have undergone a revitalization and offer unique amenities so very close to where we need to be. It’s nice to be able to share these “local” places with our families for a mini staycation for them too. Always memorable!

What About You?

What are some ways you are making good memories while traveling?

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7 thoughts on “The Best Way To Make Good Travel Memories”

  1. Great timing. My husband and I have been living in a hotel in Florida since last September. We are moving here and waiting for our new house to be built. We love getting acclimated to the area. 🌴🌊

  2. Wow you have given me some great ideas for when my husband retires. We always talked about stay in one place a month but never thought about a one way ticket. Thank you for your inspiration!

    1. I had not thought about one ways before either but am pleasantly surprised at the flexibility.

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