Practice Makes Perfect



The definition of cookery is the practice or skill of preparing and cooking food. It’s a British word and one I thought meant the actual place of the events.  Something that could be used as a sub for our word “kitchen”.  However, it’s a verb not a noun. Cookery certainly sounds more continental than cooking, and conjures up visions of kitchens a tad more unconventional than ones in the U.S.  Wouldn’t you love to practice cookery in any of these simply savvy kitchens?

Let’s explore some of the ways “cookery” gems are unique and why they are so appealing!


They are not shy about leaving things in the open.

Mad About the House.jpg

They are not afraid to use dark colors for impact, nor too concerned about perfect floors.


Walls with centuries of life are ok and part of the decor.


Windows are  featured and are more important than upper cabinet storage.


A lot of function happens in a small space.


Even in very small spaces, they make room for a table.

KK Living .jpg

Designs are asymmetrical with mixed materials.


Raw, natural materials are used.


They make small spaces attractive.


They capitalize on sunlight.


They are not always open concept.


They are simple and efficient.

IMG_8719.JPGThey take full advantage of available architecture.

Once again, all of these photos have come out of decades of photos saved at some point in our archives because they made an impact on us.  We do not know where the photos originated.  We thank the photographers who took the time to publish them online for us all to enjoy.  If one of these are yours..please share so we can give proper credit! 

The most appealing aspect of the majority of these kitchens is that they are small in relation to even an average size kitchen in the U.S. today.    Their imperfections are celebrated as part of the charm.  In our quest to slow down and savor our days a bit more, it might be nice to have kitchens that remind us of a favorite vacation.  All of these are so inviting and look like a perfect LBD to practice the art of cookery.

Which is your favorite type of “cookery”?

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