Buy Those Grocery Store Flowers!

Let’s Celebrate May Day “Everyday”

Simple Purple Carnations in an Italian Wine Glass

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like a beautiful cut flower arrangement on their counter all the time? It’s certainly possible with the reasonably priced options at our grocery stores!


Why Celebrate May Day?

The origins of May Day are somewhat mixed. There are social and political meanings, as well as a somewhat flirtatious meaning that started with the Greek Goddess Flora. For me, May Day started when I was a small girl and my best friend and next-door neighbor, a 60-year-old upholstery gal, would gather up poises from her wildly unkempt garden, and give them to me in a coffee can. I suspect now that she made May Day seem “special” because I pestered her all year to make more bouquets and she simply didn’t want to bother!

Cut Flowers

Grocery Store Floral Options

We have documentation about how adding plants to our decor is good for us. Not to disagree with the experts, but there is something so special about cut flowers..especially when they are not for an occasion! Today we share some of the beauties we’ve found at our local groceries.

white flowers
candles, flowers
white roses

Food Inspired Arrangements

So many times an arrangement seems to have been perfectly selected to compliment food taking up residence weekly on our counters. However, all credit goes to mother nature and the world farmers. The ultimate artists.

flowers, fruit

fruit, flowers
cherries, flowers

What About the Cost of Fresh Flowers?

Sending flowers to a special friend is always well received. Yet, we agree that using some of the online floral delivery services can get pricey. And what if the “special friend” is ourselves? We might balk at spending a lot of money every several weeks on gifts to ourselves, right? Grocery florals have come a long way! Loads of variety at a fraction of the cost of delivered flowers. None of these arrangements were more than $15 and most were less than $10. Cutting the stems, and changing water daily, allows most of these babies to last at least 10 days. Lastly, don’t rule out herbs as the weekly splurge!

oranges, basil

Do you treat yourself to flowers?

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  1. I adore grocery store bouquets.. a friend gave me lilies from our local Kroger for my birthday and they lasted nearly two weeks. Their fragrance was wonderful and they made me smile every time I saw them on our living room table!

    1. me on this one! As much as you love color I know you would love it!

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