The “New” Mini Home Office

Oh, How We Have Evolved!

Cabinet in our Guest Bedroom
Office in a cabinet!
Home “Office” in the Cabinet

Replacing Designated Work Spaces

Kristen and I have always worked from home and have helped many of our clients achieve efficient and inspiring home workspaces. We’ve posted about alternate workplaces in many past posts. Alas, times are changing again! Many now have the opportunity to work full-time outside a traditional office. Others, like me, are finding less is definitely more in terms of our “office”.

Bye Bye File Storage!

person choosing document in folder
Photo by Anete Lusina

Oh my goodness, we are a nation of paper hoarders! We will read electronic books and marvel at the liberty of having no need for bookshelves. We seldom see a scrapbook or photo album anymore. Many of us go “paperless” with most of our banking and bill-paying needs. Almost every client, and blog follower we have yearns to be able to shred years of past documents. Yet, when it comes right down to getting rid of file cabinets, many almost hyperventilate at the thought of not owning even a single clunky, outdated storage box!

How we made the jump….literally.

About 10 years ago, Mr. LBD, sold his 30+ year old business. Part of the task of passing the torch was to go thru those 30 years of neatly organized bankers’ boxes containing paper records. Because we thought one yearly box was best, each box was loaded with both of our business records and our personal annual things. Maybe because I am the tosser in the family, and he is the original packrat, we agreed to sort thru these now crinkly, dust mounds of paper together. The goal was to keep everything that might be useful to the new owners and to extract anything that could be an identity theft problem. For years these boxes had been locked on a mezzanine in a dirty warehouse which honestly deterred anyone hunting for anything up there! Let me just say, this was an awful task that took many long sessions, a Shred It Truck appointment, and all the niceness we too could handle from each other. Thus, I vowed to get serious about using multiple cloud services, scanning, and shredding on a daily basis. what you see below is the past 10 years of all the same kind of records, including thousands of work-related photos, all in a 4×6 plastic box!

Our Current Jump Drive Section in one of the Clear Boxes

Organized desk drawer
Clear Drawer Organizers in Real Life…in our “skinny” drawers!
printer in cabinet
Even when life happens and things get “tossed in”, the magazine holders keep things semi-organized!

Office Drawer Organization
Again, the clear organizers work even with a few items randomly thrown in.
Even in very small spaces, a good clean-out every so often is liberating.

Eager to see what triggered this mini home office clean-out?

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