The Sunday Spy 5.8.2022





We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each  Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by katlawoninteriors.  At first glance we immediately are drawn in by the simple, yet impactful floor in this bathroom.  With a closer look, we gasp and say “yes! I want one of these baths too”!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!


  • beautiful timeless bathroom 
  • custom designed, small black hexagon bath flooring with white border all around the room 
  • smooth marble top console vanity with chrome legs
  • exposed chrome plumbing pipe adds to the decor-look at the star shaped cut off valve!
  • acrylic bar, on both sides and front of the console, to place a hand towel or facecloth
  • white subway tile, halfway up the wall with a black accent and chair rail border
  • creamy white walls just the perfect shade to grab all the natural light
  • fresh, perhaps weekly flowers blushing on top of the console
  • vintage style chrome lavatory faucet with black ceramic handles 
  • wall sconces on both sides of the vanity mirror with ….oooooh aqua shades!
  • a stained finish window seat with drawer storage for extra additional fluffy towels 
  • plush white seat cushion and pillows to curl up on, extending the few minutes of “me time” 
  • glass shelves next to the window for extra bathtime goodies
  • dark-framed casement windows with charming handles to open
  • flush floor entrance to the shower and a frameless glass shower enclosure
  • the linen, roman window shade adds texture and privacy if needed
  • a simple, bevel edge plate vanity mirror ready for generations of beauties
  • robe hook holding an ever-ready robe
  • an embossed white floor rug so soft on bare feet
  • the weekend guest, thrilled to be able to spend some much needed wind downtime with a friend



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