Our Six Favorite Blush Paint Colors


Little Black Domicile- Bitter Truth Pink Gin-Blush Color-Paint

You’re Making Us Blush

It doesn’t take much for Laurel to be inspired by something totally unrelated to interior design. Such is the example of this pink gin bottle she spotted during one of her travels.   I agree! The colors in this photo are simple and sophisticated at the same time. Let’s look at how to use this beautiful color in our homes.  Get ready to blush!

Recently, we received an email thru our virtual design link, asking if we have ever suggested paint colors on the blog.  With a few quick back and forths, we learned the gal was interested in “new blush colors”.  Well, we talked about this way back in 2018 so it’s not new to us but thought we’d reshare.  Additionally, she asked how to spruce up her bedroom for spring and summer for less than $100.  


Six Beautiful Blush Paint Colors

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

Pink.  There is no other color that has been both overused and underused at the same time.  Sure, it comes to mind at some point in every soon-to-be mother’s mind.  You know that “pink is for girls” thing.  From the softest roses to the wild hot pinks…this hue seems to have been trapped in a centuries-old stereotype that seldom allowed for the pinks to travel outside a bedroom or bath.

littleblackdomicile- blush paint colors

Paint Colors Via Sherwin Williams (SW) and Benjamin Moore (BM)

Ah, but what if we stop calling this extremely versatile color “pink” and add it to a broader group of hues called “blush“.  That’s all it took to allow blushing beauties to be used everywhere.  Let’s look!

littleblackdomicile-your make me blush

Touches Of Blush In Our Decor

furnishitmyway bedroom-charcoal upholstered headboard-white, gray and blush bed linens

Hold your hand over the pale salmon-colored pillow and you’ll see a crisp cool set of bed linens.  Remove your hand and see how much softer the scene is with the addition of a simple blush pillow.

chango&co bath blush colored walls-freestanding tub-pink sheers

A classic white bathroom is transformed with the barely-there blush walls and glorious sheer drape panels. And what about the soft tint of the towel?!

Blushing is the color of virtue

mydomaine-pink marble slab wall in bathroom

Oh my goodness, this marble wall and sink are a welcome change from the white carrara we are seeing everywhere right now.

Blinihome- pink-rose-brick wall-statement lighting-concrete tile floors

There are so many interesting details in this decor and the earthy blush hues in the amazing brick wall anchor the entire design.

Spring/Summer Spruce Up A Bedroom For Under $100

We learned that our reader’s bedroom was painted a shade of gray (unknown), and her current bed linens were white.  We suggested considering a pair of 18 x18 solid throw pillows and mix with one patterned or geometric pillow.   Add a napping size bed throw and a simple floral arrangement for one nightstand.  Tip:   Pillow covers are both less expensive than a full pillow, and with a little size planning, once you have an appropriately sized form, you can change out covers as often as you like.  And talk about easy storage of the off-season covers!  



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