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Designing Dream Dressing Areas

The Container Store Black and White Wall Unit Closet

The Minimal Approach To Clothing Storage

Minimalists are able to effectively use a wardrobe, or clothing rack, as the main storage system for clothing.  One way these savvy fashionistas do this is by sorting their clothing by season.  While this concept may be hard to grasp for some, we agree there is something appealing when looking at these complete wardrobes ready to meet each day.

The Definition Of A Wardrobe

allure graphics wardrobe

  • a large, tall cabinet in which clothes may be hung or stored
  • a person’s entire collection of clothes
  • a room or closet where clothes are kept

These are all definitions found on the internet to describe a wardrobe.  Notice the middle definition that talks about keeping all our clothes in one cabinet?  Oh my goodness!  How in the world can this happen in today’s world?  I guess this is how the last definition above came to be and why we all think we need walls and a door to house our fashion fix.  But do we?


Less Than Conventional Closet Systems

Being minimal is attractive at times.  However, having less does not always fit our needs.  No matter how much we have, it is frustrating to not be able to store the items dear to us in an accessible way.  A crowded closet can be a nightmare and cause daily stress.  Why not think outside the closet…the opportunities are endless and can be an asset to the interior design of our homes.

pop sugar wall shoe shelves over bed

Storing Those Carrie Bradshaw Manolo Blahniks

Ok, let’s admit it, we all love our shoes and may have a little problem with having too many.  Nix that, we do not have a problem with having too many shoes.  We just do not always have the right way to display store them.  Let’s think outside the closet and onto the wall, as so wonderfully featured in these two examples.  Surprisingly attractive in both photos.  Why not have an everyday item be “art”!

apartment therapy shoe shelves over desk

A Wall Of Wardrobes

Many times we have clients who simply do not have enough real estate in a contained closet to house all their prized possessions.  Guys and gals alike, who love fashion, often need clothing and accessory storage that can offer more than a small walled-off closet.


Again, thinking literally outside the “closet”, utilizing an entire wall of storage behind a bed in a larger room, allows you to create a walk-in closet.  It can be as easy as a curtain divider, or more permanent, with a designed wall.  In a smaller room, we’ve made this kind of division with a home office (no bed) on one side and the wardrobe wall neatly tucked behind.  These two examples are both so appealing in their own ways!

bljzonderplekje bed wall creates walk in closet

The Closet Office

Speaking of home offices, look at these amazing examples of combining wardrobe needs with our home offices.  Talk about a playroom for grown-ups!

Styled Snapshots Office Closet

The Glitter Guide Office Closet

Apartment Therapy Closet Office

The Ultimate Dressing Room

High on the wish list that buyers look for in homes are large walk-in closets.  Some homes have ample closet space and some do not.  Homes with actual dressing rooms send buyers over the moon.  No matter how much clothing, shoes, and accessories we own, being able to keep them all neatly organized and readily accessible is high on most of our wish lists.  In the yearly “get organized push”, our design firm gets a lot of calls about closet design.  One of the first things we evaluate is the opportunity to use existing space for a dressing area.  At least 50% of the time, we find existing space to convert.  The outcome is a larger area, most times with natural light, that can be configured to meet the basic storage needs plus so much more.  We help our clients create personal rooms that take care of them day in and day out.  The beauty of these newly created dressing areas is no two are alike because they are designed with one person in mind….you.  And if there is a mate involved, the acquisition of the existing closet is always a bonus!  Let’s finish with a look at these personalized dressing rooms.

Mydomaine Dressing Room

Incorporating vintage pieces with modern pieces available online and at big box stores is an attractive way to set up a dressing area quickly.  Got a weekend, get a dressing room!


Dressing areas are often designed with a “closet” section as part of the space.  The dividers of the room can offer so many additional ways to store items.

elstudio traditional dressing room

Still, yearning for some closed storage, built-in wardrobes is fantastic in this relaxing dressing room.  Who else is ready for a “Me Time” room?

Laurel @ littleblackdomicile.com

This week we have talked about all the many ways to enhance the storage of our wardrobes.  Fashion is not something I enjoy, nor am I good at creating outfits that knock off anyone’s socks.  However, I do depend on the storage systems we have customized in all of our homes to work to the max for us, not the previous owners.  At times it was as simple as relocating the height of a closet rod, other times more detailed.  Once it was creating a small dressing “niche” for me so my beloved could have a large, custom closet.  Happy hubby, less harried wife.  In every home, I can honestly say, we did not give up until we designed closets that worked for both of us every day.  Life is so much better when the day starts off peacefully and Mr. LBD can see all his “stuff.

gentle forever -mens_closet_dressing_room_

To finish up this week, looking at this photo I believe this dressing room was a former family or living room.  Odd you say?  I say why not?  Perhaps this space was rarely used otherwise and now is loved on a daily basis.  But what about selling a home with a closet like this?  Not to worry.  Thought-out designs like this one can easily be tweaked and become an amazing home office.   Our point, and design philosophy remain, using your home for yourself first is always the best plan.

In closing, Mr. LBD thinks that his closet should look like this no matter where we live.  Let’s not forget the guy’s gotta look good too!

Bon Weekend!

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  1. No matter what room you featured, everything looks coordinated and organized. I also hang garments in my closet arranged by color scheme. It’s prettier that way. 🖤🤍❤️🧡💛💙💚

    1. Yes, we’ve worked with an organizer that uses the color system. Another great ideaa!

  2. I prefer the second one, minimalistic one. But considering how messed up as a person I am. I should prefer some kind of cupboards that are closed

    1. One of my personal fav wardrobes was a very, and I mean very, small room that was almost useless for any other function, that we had racks in and a dresser with a long top. It was bliss to have everything in site and simply close the door to the daily mess. Thanks for your comment…there is a Perfect LBD for all of us!

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