One Little Thing We Overlook In Our Home’s Decor

No, plants are not the one item we overlook when creating the perfect LBD for our families. Join us today and learn more!

Mother Nature’s Impact On Our Homes

Ok, yes plants are a hint to what we might be overlooking when we so diligently strive to have everything be just right in our homes. There is a theory that plants do add to the air quality in our homes, and then there is the science that explains exactly what plants can do inside our homes.

What we do know is that we all have to breathe, and we have to do this often! We also know that at a minimum we each spend a third of our lives in our homes. Even if no one in the house has underlying respiratory issues, considering the quality of the air in our homes can make a difference in our everyday lives.

Checking Humidity and Temperature

Humidity levels in our homes outside of the suggested range of 30-60%, can cause multiple problems to the structure and may attribute to our well-being as well. Feel like it’s allergy season when it’s not or sometimes have trouble sleeping. Check the humidity levels. Likewise, we’ve all heard and perhaps battle over the nighttime temperature, that a cooler room is better for sleeping. What about hot or cold spots in our homes? Mr. LBD, our in-house weatherman, uses these nifty know-it-alls, to continually keep us updated on our home’s temperature and humidity level. Our home and bodies do better with 50% humidity so we use a small humidifier to raise the levels every so often. Really comes in handy if one of us does get sick. It’s like an adult vaporizer(remember those messy things!)


Taking Air Quality To The Next Level

Our son uses an air purifier in their baby’s room. Honestly, I thought these were a bit of a gimmick, however, with the new models that use an app to show a room’s air quality, this nerd is now onboard, and dang if we don’t notice a difference in our bedroom. (Personally, I am doing a dust test…as in how many days before I’m tempted to draw initials on the dresser top!)

Lastly, a word from our HVAC service guy. We used to buy expensive, rinse-out HEPA filters. What a pain to clean and thus this task did not get done as often as it should. The service guy advised us to buy the less expensive filters and change them on a regular schedule. At the time we had a very hairy border collie (miss that girl!)and we changed the filter on the first of each month. We’ve stayed on this schedule and order the filters in a six-pack so they are always on hand. Now a chore has become a habit and our service guy is very happy with our unit’s “health”.

Last Thoughts

Being immersed daily in the design industry and having the pleasure of being involved with creating wonderful homes with our clients, we are all in to promote simple air quality maintenance to keep every home at its best. Bet all those plants are going to love the cleaner air too!

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