Signs of Summer

Having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are nearly halfway thru June and that in a few short days the calendar will say we are officially in the summer months. Everywhere we look says summer is already here!

Don’t you think sunflowers are the sure sign its summer? Here’s a tip: After the petals fall, try working the pods into an arrangement..super cool!

Now that we’ve got a birds-eye view we notice how the colors in the sky change seasonally. Summer sunrises and sunsets simply seem much more vibrant!

We know it’s summer in the city when the sky turns all the graduated colors of an early summer peach.

Then, of course, don’t we all gravitate to recipes that are full of color? There is nothing like a bowl of summer fruits and veggies in our kitchens to bring summer quickly indoors.

How beautiful is this salad with all of these yellow hues? Check out this delight Emily Dunn/James Beard recipe here. We had to find the recipe to know what was on top! (totally unexpected!)

Sometimes a kitchen just stops us in our tracks. This beauty by Victoria Pearson is just the place we can imagine spending some time this summer.

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      1. I noticed that, too. In fact, FB was full of downed trees and power lines back in Indiana. Straight-line winds. 💨

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