How To Be Ready For A Stop & Drop Picnic

There is something about eating outside that makes us all feel like we are on a mini-vacation. Remember the days when our Mom would pack us a picnic just for our own backyard? Didn’t that PB&J taste so much better? What about instead of driving thru a fast food place, and eating in the car, we make it easy to stop for a picnic!

Why Don’t We Plan On A Picnic More Often?

Perhaps we don’t think about going on more picnics because we have bad memories of big heavy coolers, filled with too much food and everything coming out dripping. Or of beach blankets full of sand sticking to sunscreen bodies and sand fleas joining the party. And of always thinking we have to have a planned destination and a thought-out menu.

All You Need For A Picnic

The best picnics don’t need over-thinking. Cut up the fruit that is about to expire, throw it in a portable container, grab a few forks, and head over to a friend’s backyard for a few minutes. Fix lunch for yourself, your kids or grands, and sit with feet dangling in the pool.

Picnic In A Friend’s Backyard
Poolside Alfresco Spur of the Moment Special Lunch

The Adventure Picnic

Once, while on a very nice 3-week drive trip along the California coast, Mr. LBD decided we needed a cooler to pack daily and be able to stop at some of the beautiful spots we found along the way. Thus, we still own this $7 Wallgreens beauty. (it became a joke making it our carry-on for the plane ride home because it would not fold from its dome shape to fit in the luggage and no way he was leaving this gem!) We do have wonderful memories of the “throw in what we have food” and the beautiful picnic spots we found without too much effort. We often enjoy planned picnic spots with friends, however, find we are lugging his beloved playmate, a wine case, chairs, and usually another bag with more food. Once we have an icepack in this mini cooler there is not much room. I’m ready to condense the equipment and be able to leave things in the car for more impromptu picnicking.

Our Current “Car” Cooler
Backpack Cooler -Click to see at all this can hold and allow hands to be free!

Next, chairs and a table (both fold into small bags) that can go into a tote. There will be plenty of room left in the tote for books, sunscreen, hats, jackets, and so on. I can literally carry the backpack and tote and still be hands-free.

Handy Things For Picnics

We use Tervis Tumblers most of the time because they can come with spill-proof lids (think adult sippy cups) and handle both hot and cold beverages. We also use cloth napkins that are large enough to double as a dish towel if needed. We will probably use one as a cloth for the new table as well. These smaller plates are actually kiddos dishware and have a higher “lip” which will be nice for lap eating.

A few more items that we will have on hand for these mini road trips. Skinny, and I mean really skinny ice packs. These come 4 to a pack and will be able to layer into the new backpack cooler. Ah, the ice cream pint-size cooler is already on order and will be used bringing ice cream home from the shop across the street as well. Bug wipes go without staying to keep bad memories from forming. Lastly, while we are updating, might just throw this collapsible cooler in the trunk for grocery runs. After all, we have to have room for fishing gear.

Picnic Recycling Tips

To close, a thought about impromptu picnic food. Less stress the better. Leftovers are the perfect “fancy” food to take along. Cut-up fruits and veggies are always tastier than a whole piece of fruit. Transforming the bits and bobs of what we have on hand into picnic food is fun. Especially when we recycle the pint ice cream containers (you know the ones that fit in that ice cream cooler above) for individual food storage. Like this tip and are interested in a blog about Reinventing Retirement...check out Roost1350. Last tip, a chilled Rose’ goes pretty nicely with recycled ice cream containers.

How About Treating Dad To A Picnic Tomorrow?

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