What Is A Car Condo?

Yes, there is such a thing as a Car Condo and it’s a little bit more than just a place to store a car!

More Than A Garage

We’ve talked about some pretty cool garage spaces and even offered suggestions on how to create the garage of your dreams. However, after seeing these “garages” and the toys that call them home, we admit we are amateurs when it comes to creating homes for these bad boys.

Now that you’ve had time to digest the idea of car condo communities, and to fest on just a few of the photos above, let’s chat about why we think this concept is here to stay.

  • Classic cars grab almost everyone’s attention…just try to walk by one and not stop in awe. If you think this is a “guys” thing you’d be wrong. The day this community was open to the public, the place was equally packed with gals too.
  • The Car Condo concept offers amenities similar to a residential condo. This one has a clubhouse with a full kitchen, baths and a ready-to-roll outdoor entertaining area. Food, beverages, and cars sound like a timeless combination.
  • Car Condos will help fill the avoid of homeowners who are downsizing but still want to have some space for hobbies. These hobby places will be a lot more fun than a conventional storage rental. Did you see how some can be built out with a loft for additional square footage?
  • Speaking of a loft…TV area, kitchen, another entirely different hobby set up? The possibilities are endless.
  • With ownership, these units are sellable just like any other real estate. We heard there was a waiting list!
  • Clean, temperature-controlled storage all with neighbors who like the same kind of things you do. What could be better!

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