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Why start Roost1350 now?

Photo by Lisa Fotios

Just about 10 years ago I celebrated the mid-century mark. Out of the blue, came this cute little teapot without any note, or message, from the sender.

Age Is Just A Number Right?

After a closer study, I discovered in tiny letters amidst the oodles of 50’s, the Crate and Barrel name discreetly displayed.  I quickly called the flagship store our design firm worked with, in downtown Chicago, to learn more about this obvious birthday gift. 

As it turned out,  none of the reps knew much about why I had received this teapot.  However, in chatting with several people along the chain of investigation, I learned indeed Crate and Barrel, founded in 1962, had just turned 5 decades old. To better serve their customers they began the evolution of more online access, as well as relocating retail locations from city locations to areas more suited to the lifestyle of many.

Changing For The Best

During the past 10 years, I’ve seen this little gem on my counter every day.  I was never a tea drinker. Now tea is my at-home beverage of choice.  I’ll seep a pot in the morning and ice it down with lemon about twice a day.   I look back and think about the 6 pack of Diet Pepsi I consumed on a regular basis. I’ve indeed changed to meet the needs of a body now 10 years older.

My personal, and professional, opinion of Crate and Barrel, is that they have always catered to everyone.  They were eons ahead of the now popular lifestyle goals of quality over quantity. Classic styling and customer service have always been important.  Their mail catalogs, which were by invitation, have evolved to an easy-to-navigate online site.  Crate and Barrel moved away from city locations and into the suburbs to better suit their customers.  Speaking with our local rep, their retail locations were one of the first to implement safe shopping standards. Even as we all have had to evolve for the pandemic, sales are strong.

So, why start Roost1350.com now when we already have a successful interior design blog, and design firm?  Mainly because, like this retailer, we are evolving. We are responding to a niche in which we’ve been asked to share, that really does not fit into the neat little package of interior design.  Over the years, our clients, and blog readers, have asked us questions about our daily routines and how we live in the homes we’ve designed for ourselves.

My little teapot, short and stout, may seem like a simple thing.   In reality, it makes me feel special and reminds me to appreciate everything in my day no matter how small.  This will be the goal of Roost1350.com. Like many of our readers, this next decade will bring changes with new opportunities. We will simply chat about the little things happening as we navigate life working fewer hours, or even retiring re-inventing ourselves!


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