Missing Something In Your Neutral Interior?


Let’s see, because every show on HGTV was featuring a super-neutral color palette the last several years and most had at least one bedroom with a gray upholstered headboard, you, or someone you know also owns one. Designers probably see one a week as we get called to help a client make their homes more “inviting” and more “me”.

It’s pretty easy to guess that color is what is missing in so many of these renovations. Keep reading to see what color we love to incorporate for an instant impact and leave everyone feeling a little brighter!


Yellow-The Most Overlooked Color In Interior Design

Regardless of the style, and coloring of your decor, yellow is a neutral powerhouse that is often last on the list to add. It’s almost like we are afraid to admit we might like a bit of yellow in our homes. Why? Vintage homes often mastered and celebrated the many hues and shades of this sunny option.


From Mellow to Bold…Yellow Is Inspiring

We love an interior that jumps just a little out of the trending box. Below we see a very neutral, yet so textural, design that is perfectly completed with the add of the burnished golden drapes. Take the color away and there goes the “ah”!

Real Living

Having trouble deciding on the best yellow to use? Here’s a trick. Start looking at other things in our lives that have these hues and consider the feelings they trigger. Mac and cheese anyone? Brolied peaches or those unique one-of-a-kind sunsets we all go running for our phones to snap a photo of? All these things make us stop and be present. Shouldn’t our homes do the same thing?


Why Are Interiors Craving Some Color?

Mel, the talented designer of West-South, hits the nail on the head in her blog post regarding Pantones 2021 color of the year. Always so refreshing to see the work of other designers.. doesn’t her tile board below make us all want to rip out some white subway tile right now!?

Williams Sonoma

Need More Encouragement to Incorporate Yellow Into Your Home?

Let’s not forget the fashion world. Don’t we all do a double take when we see someone in just the right shade of yellow? Especially the bold ones? So confident and edgy! Retailers are taking notice of the impact of the golden beauties when combined with black/white and gray.


Designers Use Yellow To Ground A Decor

Personally, we’ve always had a touch of very bold yellow in our homes. This piece of art is probably 20+ years old and always makes the cut from one decor to the next. Once this is hung in a new home, we feel settled. Our latest acquisition of an infusion of the egg yolk color we love is in the unit below. Sure, we could have been “sensible” and chosen to have all the sections be black or white. But why when this makes us so happy every time we look at it? Hum..could it be how the sunny section is currently being used? Mr. LBD sure likes to show off this hidden gem and he chose the color!

Adding More Color Into A Neutral Palette

Sometimes the only thing holding us back from admitting that we are ready to insert our own personalities back into our decor is that we need to “see” how something will look. Surf the web and we bet you can see multiple ways to brighten your spaces with this classic family of colors. All you need is a little inspiration nudge and you will be recovering that gray headboard tomorrow!

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  1. Your timing is perfect. I absolutely love the splash of yellow, from lemon citrus to golden sunset. It adds so much warmth to everything! 💛🍃🌞🍃🍋

    1. We’ve gotten several emails saying how spot on we are about the shift from gray to color. We are so happy!

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