How To Take Full Advantage Of Storage Opportunities

Out Of Storage..Think Again!


One of the best ways to keep our homes organized is to take full advantage of existing storage opportunities…even when they are hiding in plain site!

Creating Three Types Of Storage With One Cabinet

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There’s a secret storage opportunity lurking in nearly every kitchen.  The humble wall mounted cabinet.  At 12″ deep, and ranging from 24″-42″ high, a wall cabinet with multiple interior shelves offers endless storage options.  Hang standard size cabinets off the floor for a custom look with a space to organize neatly below and a useable counter above.  One cabinet with three types of storage!

Ideas For Extra Storage In The Bedroom


Oh how we love our bedrooms!  No other room in our home takes care of us as much as our sleeping chamber.  Why don’t we carve out more function with a small table and chair?  Placed by a window, we have loads of natural light for make-up.  What about a private place to use a laptop or iPad?  In many of our designs, we will use a table in lieu of a night stand.  Plenty of room for a lamp and all the things we love to unwind with.


Some time ago we archived this photo of a wall mounted mirrored jewelry cabinet.  Although this one is no longer available, something similar , that can be wall mounted, is a wonderful way to help us stay organized.


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Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage


We talk about bathroom storage often because no one ever says…“I have more space in my bathroom than I need!”  Look at this tall, narrow, wall mounted cabinet discreetly hung above the commode.  Just think of all the small products that could be in full view yet hidden and organized.


However, one of our favorite wall mounted bath storage cabinets, is the Kohler unit above.  This guy is a great size at 30″ w x 26″ h and has mirrors inside and out.  The 5″ depth allows for a recess mount, or with their mirrored end panels, a surface mount looks equally as smashing.  Best of all is the reasonable cost of the Kohler units compared to others than can easily creep into the thousands.

Have You Taken Advantage Of These Types Of

Storage Opportunities?

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  1. When we moved to Florida, we replaced our traditional bed with a king-size platform bed that has two drawers under the frame for storage. I love it! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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