The Dark Side Of Architecture


I think it all began after we stayed a few weeks in Amsterdam. Every so often, one of the row houses would simply jump out and say “Here I Am!” These beauties are nothing short of striking as they accentuate the history of the architecture they so proudly represent. Since then I stop and study each and every house that crosses over to the dark side. Have not seen one yet I absolutely do not love!

cuprinolgardenshades-It’s very easy to picture a dark stained structure in a very wooded area. So much green and then maybe snow?

admagazine-Oh all these golden paned windows just glow within this home’s dark facade.
dezeen-Appreciating all the different textures enhanced by the black vertical walls and steps.
lightanddwell-What a lovely backdrop for the soft, airy potted garden.
exclusive_architecture-Even those who may not want to live in modern architecture have to admit this home is striking! Change your mind yet? historical gem ready for the next generation.
beckiowens-Wonder what the main house looks like?!
west-south-So innovative!

Living in Florida, with so many planned neighborhoods and condominium association, it is hard to get dark colors, with the R factor that black has, approved to paint an exterior of a home in this concept. However, I will have my eyes peeled for some little shack in a marsh somewhere where this dark architecture could live just peachy with a gator or two.

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7 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Architecture”

  1. The dark buildings remind me of historic Salem, Massachusetts. Not the style so much as the color. Great post. 👀🍃

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